Art of Words and Letters as Latest Décor Trend


Typography Design Inspiration

Art of words and letters display is called Typography and this art has even touched the foray of interior design. Earlier posters were used which has some quotes etc. but typography in décor has moved beyond those days.

Words Decoration Ideas

Bringing the letters or the words in your home is great and innovative way to add new creativity as well as freshness to décor.

Writing Decorations in Traditional Dining Room

Homes and outdoor décor too are featuring writing decorations.

Choose from various ways through which you can use the letters and words as art to décor your home:

Integrate single significant letter in your home.

Get a message or phrase which takes entire wall of room it will look awesome and bring original touch.

Letters in any size and color will make great addition in children room.

Even you can use the letters or words in living room with playful style.

Entire baby name can be used on wall

General adjectives characterizing the space can be placed for cheerful effect

Messages can be used

Feel free to write phrases on walls

Giving the room and décor your reflection of personality you can write phrases or wittier statements which enrich room with your personality.

Cool Home Makeover by Words

Words can be used for cool home makeover.

Always maintain over all visual harmony.

Words and letters as décor can be used as outdoor décor also.


Graffiti can also be used on walls.

Words like Home, love, all is well, and the alphabet series is all common.

Words and letters as décor can be used as

  • Furniture
  • On walls as décor
  • Curtains
  • Carpets
  • Linens
  • As mantle
  • Pen stand
  • Clock
  • Rugs
  • Bedsheet
  • Pillows

Words and letters can be of different fonts, in colors and size.

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