Astonishing Color Combinations


Astonishing Color Combinations

There is progress and change and this is due to fact that people want to discover, invent, and be creative and innovative which has led to so many astounding creations, discoveries and innovations in world. It is time that we too become creative and move on beyond the color combinations which are now passé. Let me give you small list of great color combinations.

Blue Living Room Walls

We have all known how beautiful the blue walls with white trim look. Here the emphasis of the article is to make intriguing color combinations and here are some designer recommended astonishing color combinations for being decorative and innovative in your home.

Red of Red:

Chinese Red Paint in Traditional Living Room

Red has many hues, choose vibrant Chinese red in high gloss and paint the walls to have great depth. Then use browner red o moldings to create shadow line and add little contrast. Combination is more bold and intense but will create down to earth like room.

Gray and Mahogany:

Parma Gray is very soft and soothing color like blue and gives ocean like feel or of sky. Usual combinations is black or white but when you mix it with combination of chocolate brown like mahogany you will get room which looks earth against sky. Pick furniture which has dark wood tones.

Gray and Lavender:

Gray and Lavender Bedroom

This is very beautiful combination and looks ethereal and luminescent as if has inner glow. It has royal touch to it.

Blue to Green:

Cobalt Blue Decor

This is usual but you can make it astonishing to your senses when you paint the walls like the changing colors of the ocean on sunny day or like sea glass you find on beach. Add splash of cobalt, along with dash of dusky pink and you will see magical walls.

Blue on Blue:

Transitional Living Room

Take the classic Gustavian palette with the wispy blue on walls and the cloudy blue on moldings and this will look like glacial water being reflected against late afternoon sky. This room will never seem to age. It is calm and happy about it.

Aubergine and Gray green:

Citron Gray Green Eclectic Living Room

Aubergine on walls conveys deep space, expansive, expensive and tonally rich. Mix it with citron gray green color and you will have something amazing.

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