Autumn Home Decor: Surround Yourself With Rich Colors And Bountiful Delights


Autumn brings with it colder temperatures and changes in nature and the vegetative matter around us. The dull weather makes outdoor activities unfeasible, and as such people only head out when it is necessary. You will be spending most of your time indoors, and your interior should, therefore, be set up in a fun and exciting manner. Just because it is dull outdoors doesn’t mean that your indoors should be as well. With appropriate planning and decoration, autumn can turn to be the best time to be with family and friends. Let’s now take a look at how you can incorporate vibrant colors and bountiful delights into your home décor arrangements.

  1. Get A Wreath For Your Entry Way

Entry Way Design

Since people prefer being indoors during the fall, you should expect to receive a lot of guests. Give your guest a warm welcome with an autumn wreath strategically located on your front door. Autumn wreaths can be simple such as those made purely of grapevine, or you can add dried leaves, pine cones, and husks to your wreath for the real autumn feel. If your home is designed in a manner such that there are windows on the front side, you can hang wreaths on them as well. Match the lei on your door and windows for a classic look.

  1. Place Artwork With Fall Themes On Your Front Way

Front Door Design

Other than a wreath on your front door, artwork in fall themes is a great way to make your guests feel welcomed. You can get a blackboard from your local art store and inscribe fall themes on it. Style the art pieces in warm autumn colors such as orange, gold, and brown for the classic autumn feel.

  1. Hang Your Old And New Pictures On The Wall

Picture Frame Collage

You will receive a lot of visitors during autumn and one way to decorate your home during this time is with your photos. Go through your storage boxes and find family photos to hang on the walls. The pictures will go a long way to make your guests feel at home, and they serve as great conversation starters. The purpose of home décor during autumn should be to create a warm and welcoming environment in your home, and your family photos is a great way to do just that.

  1. Change the Curtains


Your summertime curtains are usually in light fabrics and bright colors. With autumn setting in, you should swap the lighter materials and colors for heavier tones. The heavier fabrics will make your home warmer and cozier by keeping the cold outdoor air at bay. Opt for deeper autumn colors of orange and gold for your curtains for a warmer feel.

  1. Add Throw Blankets To The Living Quarters

Perfect Throw Blankets

With the weather being chilly, you and your guests should be covered up when you are in the living area. Place throw blankets on the couches that you and your guest can use to keep warm. For an autumn feel, the blankets should befall colors such as orange and brown. Add throw pillows as well for the complete cozy look and feel.

  1. Decorate Your Furniture Items With Slipcovers

Decorate Your Furniture Items With Slipcovers

Slipcovers are a great way to bring the autumn feel into your home. Use slightly thicker covers to make your chairs warmer and comfortable. Slipcovers in fall colors would give your home a warm and cozy feel and make family gatherings much more special. Slipcovers can be slipped on dining room chairs, couches, and lounge chairs.

  1. Don’t Forget The Bedrooms

Bedroom Decor

The bedrooms should not be left out when you’re giving your home an autumn décor. Change the previous summer beddings that were lighter and use heavier beddings such as linens and mattress toppers in vibrant fall hues. This will make for a warmer and cozier environment. When changing the décor in your room and kid’s room, don’t forget to set up the guest room as well. The colder climate may make it difficult for your visitors to head home, and they may be forced to crash at your place. Your guest room should, therefore, be set up in the appropriate autumn décor to make them even more welcome.

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