Avoid These Mistakes While Shopping For Roman Shades


Roman Shades

Do you want a smarter and sleeker window treatment? Roman shades are definitely a good choice to achieve what you desire. The tailored look and stunning lines of these window treatments are captivating.

They come in a wide range of patterns, styles, and colors that you can explore. If you plan to use roman shades for your home, these little details count. You have to pay attention to the specific features you need, like the material, measurement, and fold style. All these are critical to getting the best custom roman shades for your windows.

To ensure you make the best choice, you should get conversant with common mistakes that people make to avoid them. This post looks at common mistakes you should avoid when shopping for roman shades.

  1. A Wrong Choice Of Mount Position

You can install roman shades in one of two ways – outside the window frame or inside the recess of the frame.  Outside mount installation has to do with fixing the shades above the window on the wall to cover the window frame. Inside mount installs the shades to the window frame’s ceiling, inside the window recess.

Both options have pros and cons, so you must understand the best position that works for your window. A bit of research will help you know which mount works best for what style of windows.

You can mount your roman shades inside if you want to show off your beautiful trims and have enough depth on your frames to mount the hardware. It is also great if you want to layer them with custom curtains or you prefer minimalist designs. Meanwhile, outside mounts offer more coverage and help with light control. You can combine them with solar shades or layered blinds.

  1. Absence Of Precision In Measurement

Roman shades are designed in such a way that precision in measurements is required to get the perfect finishing. For instance, if you have a higher width for the inside mount shades, it will not fit inside the recess, and if the width falls short, you will have wide gaps that would allow too much light to leak through.

Outside mount shades, on the other hand, are a bit flexible in measurement. You do not need surgical precision in measurement to get the best output of your work with outside mounted shades. However, keep to the margin to get excellent output.

Ideally, with outside mount shades, you should extend the shade to about six inches beyond the frame to reduce the gaps and prevent light leaks. Consider adding extra length and mounting the roman shades a little higher above your window trim to get a clear view of the window and maximum light inflow when opened.

  1. Buying Oversized Shades With Thick Material

Oversized shades can impair the effectiveness of the lift mechanism and hardware. The situation can worsen if you have chosen thick, heavy material for the window treatment. It is crucial to think of the weight of the piece before buying your shades. For example, the heaviness can affect the lift mechanism and prevent it from moving seamlessly.

If this happens, you would need to manually pull the shades up or down whenever you need to draw the shades. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose light materials for large windows to minimize the weight placed on the lift mechanism. It is also a good idea to choose multiple smaller shades for large windows instead of a single extra-wide option.

  1. Overlooking Child And Pet Safety

Many families choose roman shades to put them out of reach for kids. However, some windows are low enough for a toddler to reach up to and pull. If you have low windows, be sure to secure the shades properly to withstand the pulling and tugging of kids and pets.

If the shade is not installed properly on the wall, a child can easily pull the shades and disturb the lift mechanism. Apart from pulling the shades down, it can also fall on the child, which can be dangerous. It is crucial to consider how your toddler and pets will interact with your window treatments before installing them.

Furthermore, it’s very important not to leave the cords dangling. They can be a major safety risk for a little one. So be sure to either choose cordless shades or secure the chain with an anchor lock.

  1. Not Lining The Shades

Window Treatment

If you want your roman shades to last longer, you should add lining to them. That is because lining helps to protect the fabric of the shades from sunlight and extreme weather. If your shades are exposed, they acquire a weathered, old look faster than if you like them.

Linings also add to the aesthetic value of your shades because it makes them shape better. You may want to opt for blackout linings as these will insulate the room and block out light.


These are five mistakes you should avoid when shopping for roman shades. You should also consider matching your shades with the décor of your space. Thankfully, roman shades come in different styles, fabrics, colors, stitching styles, patterns, and designs. That means you can easily find a perfect match for your décor.

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