Baby Or Pet Urine Odors Neutralising Tips


Baby on Couch

One major problem people have with infants and pets at home is urinating on the couch, bed, or foam rubber cushion. The smell is pathetic. And makes your things so unusable, and at times you need to throw away those cushions especially.

Most people will wet their cushions with that typical solution made of water and detergent or any other liquid cleansers. These cushions become unusable for many days.

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The solution for using those cushions is to remove the urine from cushions using a dry borax powder, which works perfectly by removing moisture from the cushions. It will also remove the odor. This method will help you use your cushions again without the requirement of any drying time.

Now here is some quick how-to-do for getting the smell of urine and urine out of your foam rubber cushions:

Remove the cushion covers or the bed covers. This you can get dry clean or wash it at home, and this will expose wet area as well.

Sprinkle Mule Borax powder liberally onto the affected area, and then allow it to rest for six hours. The dry powder will be able to pull out moisture from the foam cushion.

Baby Playing on Couch

After this, take a vacuum with a handheld attachment and remove powder from the surface. After that, check if the cushion is dry. Suppose the pillow or your foam bed is damp use a hairdryer to dry those spots.

Your odor will be all gone, and you can use your pillows or bed again.

In case there is still some odor, then lightly mist the area with undiluted vinegar, which will help to neutralize the remaining odors.

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