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Baby Room DecorationsNewborn may not perceive colors correctly for a while, however as your child gets older, pretty soon colors will be affecting their moods and perhaps their decisions to be good or naughty! Here’s a quick look at of some color theory for Baby’s Room Décor :

REDEmotional, Passion, and Excitement

Red is bold and attention-grabbing. Good as an accent in the nursery. Red’s ‘hot’ personality is too intense for an all over red scheme for your baby room decorating ideas.

ORANGEWarm, Comforting and Cozy

Orange is a very comfortable color. It promotes a welcoming feeling. A soft orange may be a good choice, especially if the room is not a sunny one.

YELLOWEnergetic, and Lively

Yellow is known as one of the most highly perceived colors. One that catches the eye; so once again use yellow as an accent more so than an overall scheme when thinking of your baby room decorating ideas.

GREENCalming, Nurturing Refreshing

Green is one of the most versatile decorating colors. There are so many hues of green – just like in nature. Good for a learning environment, it is serene and encourages calmness of thinking and of concentration.

BLUECalming, healing, subtle and trusty

Blue is calming, but be careful with the shade. Like green it offers many hues. Interestingly, although blue is thought to promote productivity, it is not a companion of food and should not be used too lavishly in food areas. Avoid blue plates or children who do not like eating. With baby room decorating ideas, use warm or bright blues and steer away from dark blue.

PURPLEMysterious, Dignified, Luxurious

Purple is relatively rare in nature, and is therefore considered an ‘unnatural’ color. Somehow perhaps seems too adult for a nursery. However, pastel purples, like lavender and lilac are calming and serene.

PINK – Feminine, Romantic, Loving

 A classic baby color of course. Girls just love pink. Pink is very calming as well. It sits in between red and white – and pulls on the emotional, passionate elements of red and the purity of white. Pink is a calming color, and can work wonders with children who are prone to fits or tantrums, so definitely include pink in your baby room decorating ideas. Just in case!

WHITE – Pure, Innocent, Clean

White is pure and angelic. However did you know it can also invoke secretiveness? Pure white is too pure. Always use tones or tints of white to soften the effect. And of course the lighter the color the less it will hide any wear and tear marks.

GREYIntrospective, Intuitive, and Emotional

Perhaps grey is not the color to consider for baby room decorating ideasThis is also an adult style of color, inspiring contemplation, but not always on the bright side. If you love grey and want to use it, perhaps in a very bright sunny room, make sure the tone is warm and you have bright and breezy accent colors.

BROWNEarthy, Grounded and Haven-like

The personalities of brown should make it an ideal choice for a nursery. However, brown can be dour and un-inspiring, so use with caution and be careful of the shade of brown you select. It should definitely be on the yellow side of the spectrum instead of the blue/brown. And avoid the toilet related medium browns!

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