Backyard Renovation Ideas To Sprouce Up Your Space


Backyard Renovation

When it comes to renovating your backyard, or side yard, it’s always best to start with a plan. To create the perfect space that works for you and your family, identify how you currently use your garden and determine what you like or dislike about it now. Once you understand why your garden doesn’t work for you, it becomes easier to identify what you need to change to make it right.

Ask yourself critical questions about how you want to use the space when the makeover is complete and the type of materials you want to incorporate.

If you are in the fortunate position of a blank canvas, that makes the job simpler; however, you may find these yard preparation tips helpful if you have to prepare your yard before you begin.

Wood is often a traditional choice for decking and yard features. Yet, a renovation is certainly a good time to consider other materials which can be used on their own or combined with wood to stunning effect.

Let’s look at some of the ideas that we love.


You may believe that this only involves grey, dull surfaces or even the little garden gnome-style ornaments that once graced many a backyard. But we are here to tell you that concrete offers so much more. Concrete offers stunning visuals – polished or textured in various colors and effects that bring luxury and elegance to the outside. Yet, it is hardwearing, economical, and low maintenance, making it one of the more perfect choices.


Concrete patios are no longer just a choice of limited colored paving slabs laid end to end. You can create a cozy patio, formal dining space, or decorative area using poured concrete. Either as the most stunning feature that becomes the yard’s focal point, marry your home interior to your yard, or seamlessly blend with other components.

Planters, Dividers, Or Ornaments

Concrete may need reinforcement, so you will undoubtedly need to consider the best form of strengthening. Where damp proof membranes are required, it always pays to invest in quality rebar spacers to avoid puncturing the DPM, a common issue with poorly manufactured chairs or stools. While we mention rebar high chairs, they also make great decorative additions to a backyard in feature walls, practical seating, planting beds, and combining perfectly with wood or stone to create unique decorative features.

Outdoor Entertaining

We have already mentioned the fascinating range of patios that can be constructed using concrete, but how about creating a super outside food preparation and dining area. Concrete could not be more perfect to create a space that can be cleaned down easily and remain solid and usable for many years—polished surface concrete for worktops and a barbecue or firepit tying in concrete to provide reliable, long-lasting cooking areas.

When left in the environment, rebar rods and grids can be used to create a fascinating assortment of decorative, practical, and functional pieces.

Wood – A Natural And Popular Choice

Just because the border fence is wooden doesn’t mean you need to only use wood within it. Why not combine wood with the rustic look of the rebar we mention above to create a unique pergola or seating area? Wood or large stones combine well with rusted rebar or lush green planting for raised beds, edged borders, ornamental water features, or exciting artwork that will leave you the envy of your neighbors. Not all elements need to cost lots; much can be constructed with reclaimed materials or price-conscious concrete.

Backyard renovations can add value to your home, provide you and your family with valuable extra living space. Still, most crucially, the renovation should give you a place to relax and enjoy the great outdoors as much as possible. With a little creative thinking, you can design a backyard that makes you smile every time you enter it.

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