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On May 8, 2014 by Himanshu Shah

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Herbal Garden – The Hasty Effect at Your Home

City homes are more affected by pollution and loneliness. The sad story of average homes is that the wealth is increased but number of people is reduced!! The air conditions have increased, but fresh air is reduced!! Machines have ruled out nature and natural elements from our homes!! Family members meet occasionally and we create occasions to meet outsiders quite frequently!!

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Thank God that we are blessed with so many natural flowers that can clear out our various problems of polluted air and create friendly climate in the homes. Here we have summarized few of the most highlighted advantages of keeping herbal gardens at homes. Especially, City homes!!

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Natural Herbs are Quite Healthier

Natural herbs are quite useful for many of the diseases. “Prevention is better than cure” is the slogan that we City people have forgotten these days. These herbs remind us and provide us an opportunity to prevent problems before entering in the body. E.G. Tulsi is one of the finest remedy for the cold and cough. Tulsi can be one of the most effective cure processes in the fever problems. Pudina is an antibiotic herb that helps in offering taste along with virtues of immunity enhancing.

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Natural Herbs Purifies Air

Herbs are not only healthier for medical process but also can purify the entire atmosphere and create a pure environment in the surrounding areas. We normally use chemicals, room fresheners and many more man-made articles to create purity and fragrance at home but we do not try to get that purity naturally. The herbal trees and gardens are the easiest and speediest air purifiers.

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Natural Herbs are Eco Friendly

The City environment is eco killer. If we can create a state where the natural elements are grown in huge quantity, it can help the entire City environment to get repaired. The herb garden at home can create a revolution in the city if it is properly managed and followed by mass.

Vertical Herb Garden on a Small Balcony

These hasty effects are really amazing and henceforth, the herb garden trend should be enhanced in the cities.

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