Banish Boring Bare Walls: Advice for Displaying Artwork in the Workplace


With many office workers becoming increasingly frustrated and bored at their desks, often desperate for a change of scenery and more inspiration for their working lives, re-vamping the appearance of a corporate office is often a vital asset that many employers overlook. A dull office is likely to result in equally dull morale across the entire space and could even reduce productivity and the long-term performance of employees.

Incorporating office art is a sure-fire way to combat unnecessary boredom and, as long as the office remains professional, will provide an attractive environment people will enjoy working in! Below are some tips on choosing the best possible artwork for your office without compromising on professionalism.

Choose An Appropriate Color Scheme

Choose An Appropriate Color Scheme

Whilst offices have the stereotype of being corporate; some are definitely more corporate than others. Therefore, it’s important to choose color schemes and art pieces that reflect the general vibe of your office. For example, if your office is the home of a top, high-rise banking company with smart attire being worn at all times, neutral colors such as pale pastels and greys are likely to work well. In fact, extremely corporate offices are notorious for being quite stressful, and such colors have been shown to reduce stress and elicit relaxation.

However, if your office is more vibrant and fun, choosing pieces that incorporate bold, bright colors is likely to be more appropriate simply because they will suit the atmosphere. Thus, to discover a wide range of art suitable for almost any office.

Focus On First Impressions

Contemporary Home Office

As with almost anything in life, first impressions count for a lot – especially when corporate clients are involved. Therefore, if your office is likely to receive many corporate visitors, ensure your best quality artwork is displayed at the forefront of the entrance to catch your visitors’ eye. In addition to maintaining professionalism as long as you choose artwork consistent with your office atmosphere, having attractive pieces near the entrance is almost guaranteed to give a positive first impression no matter how important your visitors may be.

Choose Pieces That Represent Your Industry’s Core Values

Office Artwork

When it comes to office artwork, consistency is key within the color scheme and the general theme. In addition, keeping artwork in line with the values and message your company is trying to portray is essential and will increase the chance of leaving a lasting impression on both your visitors and employees. For example, if your office is home to a food-related company, having paintings of portraits or landscapes won’t make much sense.

In addition to increasing employees’ morale and overall attractiveness of the workplace, office artwork has plenty of other advantages, too, as long as it’s done right. If you implement the tips you’ve just read, you’ll not only improve the appearance of your office but also leave a positive, lasting impression upon any visitors who happen to drop by! Professional offices don’t have to be plain and boring, and artwork will certainly add an extra boost where it’s needed most.

Poppy Alexander is an interior designer with a penchant for designing open and fun workspaces. She enjoys sharing her design ideas online through blogging.

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