Basement Dig Out: Is it Right for You?


Basement Dig Out

Do you ever get tired of your basement feeling like it isn’t a pleasant space to hang out? Perhaps you’ve seen other, more finished basements that leave you dreaming about how you could use yours. Whether you need more space or you want a basement that is welcoming and friendly, you can use a basement dig-out to make it happen.

But how can you be sure a basement dig out is really right for you?

There are a lot of details that go into your decision. It’s a good idea to know what to expect and how the process works. Take a look at this guide to help you better understand so you can make a fully informed decision about your property.

What Is A Basement Dig Out?

When you want to enlarge a small basement or even a crawlspace into a basement, you absolutely can. There are some finer details to consider, but a basement dig-out is the process of digging out beneath the property in order to expand it further.

Some people will use the dig-out process to make their basements taller. Others will transform their space from a crawlspace into a full basement. There are several options, and they can be customized to what you want the result to be.

When you hear the term “dig out,” it generally means digging out beneath an existing home or digging a deeper basement than what is already there. A lot of older homes have basements that are small or shorter than a normal room, and those can be dug out to improve them. However, you might also hear the term in relation to new construction or transforming the space beneath your home into a full basement.

Basement Dig Out Benefits To Consider

Part of your decision involves looking at the pros and the cons. There are many pros, most of which involve the versatility of expansion into the basement space. However, it’s not always the ideal solution, and that’s where your cons may come in.

Check out these benefits:

  1. Additional Storage

The first benefit is giving yourself a lot more storage space. If you’re tired of storage in the main part of your home or having closets that are stuffed to the brim, this can help remedy that issue.

Who wants to rent storage? It’s inconvenient when you suddenly decide you need something but don’t want to drive across town to the storage unit. All those things you have no space for could be stored in the basement.

  1. More Bedrooms And Bathrooms

When your in-laws come to stay, or you have guests in the home, are you always scrounging to find room for them? What if you could provide them with their very own little suite in the basement? You can add a bedroom (or more than one) and a bathroom to make them comfortable and give them their own private space.

Use this for an in-law and guest suite, or create more bedrooms to accommodate a growing family. It’s totally up to you!

  1. Office By Design

An increasing number of people are working from home more frequently. If that’s you, a basement dig out could be the perfect way to make sure you have a designated office space. It’s likely going to be quiet and secluded too.

  1. Cool Summer Hangout

When the outside summer temperatures are making everyone miserable, you can use your basement as a cozy and cool place to hang out. Set up game rooms and other fun activities, or just create a family room space that you can retreat to.

  1. Home Value Increases

Your home value will definitely increase from a basement dig out process. Adding space and finishing always adds value.

  1. Entertainment Space

A lot of families like to keep their fun space in a separate area from their formal living room. This way, their living room can stay quiet and clean, but they still have a place for fun and entertainment. A basement is a perfect place for a game room or theater space or a general area where people can have fun together.

Be Sure To Consider These Details

Before you move forward with your basement dig-out project, you need to consider the details. These details can impact your costs or even your ability to complete the project.

The Budget

A basement dig-out project will likely not be a cheap endeavor. However, the costs will depend on several factors. It’s vital to work with an experienced company to help you fully understand the costs of your projects. Be prepared to spend some money.

The Space To Make It Work

When you dig under the property, there is a lot of stabilization that has to occur. If your neighbors are really close, you run the risk of collapsing their homes if the proper stability is not used. You also want to be sure that the company will be able to bring in their equipment to get the job done right, and that requires space.

Current Basement Details

Another detail to consider is what is already there. Where are the sewer lines or electrical lines? Is your current space wet or is it dry? Each of these questions will affect how the process will go and whether additional work may be needed to accommodate the project.

Basement Dig Out Projects Can Be Worth It

In the end, a basement dig out very well may be worth it in some cases. It might be the only viable option for your expansion needs. If you want to take your basement or crawlspace from musty and creepy to finished and refined, this is a great way to do so!

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