Basic Guidelines In Setting Up Your Own Home Theater Room


Is watching movies and TV series a favorite past time of your family? It is indeed a great idea to consider setting up your home theater room. You can have a movie night every night without having to go out of your house. Your bonding moment will undoubtedly be more fun and exciting.

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In this article, we will discuss some basic guidelines to help you set up your home theater room.

The Room

Home Theater Room design

Rather than placing all your home theater equipment in the living room, it is better to choose a room that you will turn into your home theater room. Here are some tips to consider:

  • Choose A Rectangular Room: A room in the rectangular shape is ideal to become your home theater room so you can place your display screen and speakers along with a short wall for the best projection.
  • The Fewer, The Better: In case you are just building your house, then make sure the room has no window. But if you don’t have a choice, then choose a room with fewer windows. Have you seen a movie house with windows? Of course not. Lights that come through the windows can produce reflections on your viewing surface, and it can cause sound distortion on your audio. Another tip is to cover the windows with dark curtains or black-out style window treatments to seal out the light.
  • Regular drywall is a suitable surface to use for your home theater walls. It is best to break up large flat surfaces with furniture or drapes. But do not use framed furniture as the glass can produce a reflection. Concrete walls are a big no-no too.
  • Wall to wall carpet with a new cushy pad underneath is perfect for absorbing ambient sound, and it makes the room look cozy that children and even adults can sit on the floor if they want to.


LG 65 Inch Smart TV

You can check out LG 65 inch Smart TV online at Harvey Norman to put in your home theater room, but there’s more to know that the display screen. Here are some tips:

  • Home theater expert suggests that the best viewing angle is between 30 to 40 degrees. This allows you to take in all the action with comfortable eye movement.
  • The optimum distance is no closer than 8 feet from a 65-inch full TV screen and not more than 13 feet away. So make sure to work the formula from there.
  • Make sure to have the center of the display screen at eye level. Some people are tempted to elevate the screen, but that’s not a good idea. So check out the center display and make sure it is eye level. You do not want to be watching looking up or downright.


Modern Red Home Theater Room

To complete your home theater room experience, make sure to consider these tips for your sound system:

  • It is common to use 5.1 surround sound, so this means you will have five full-range speakers and one woofer for low-range sound. It is advisable to place three full-range speakers and woofer toward the front of the room and the two other full-range speakers on either side, behind your viewing position.
  • It is best to keep your speakers at least 20 inches from the walls.
  • Speakers are movable; thus, it makes it easier for you to adjust and move it around where you think it sounds better.

Consider the guidelines presented in this article to set up your home theater room. Everyone will surely go home early to hang out in your lovely viewing room.

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  1. Wonderful post! I love playing games in my room and recently I have bought the home theatre and was thinking how can I set up the home theatre in a best possible way so that I can enjoy my gaming experience to the fullest. Thanks for the useful tips.

  2. While setting up the home theater system you must choose the room of proper size with no ventilation related issues and the all the wires should be properly plugged as to avoid the sound and the connectivity issue.

  3. My husband and I are planning to have a theater built in my home, which is why we’re currently looking for a service that offers an audio-visual system. Thankfully you shared these tips; we’ll make sure that the room does not have any windows. We’ll also keep in mind to avoid using framed furniture.


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