Basic Styles of Interior Designing Part 2


Interior designing is essential such that you can convert the space, be it home, office, or any institutional place in such a right manner that it is functional as well as a beautiful place to be. Here are some more basic styles of interior design.

Retro Style:

Retro Interior Design

Retro style interior design

Well, this is the style of the ’50s ’60s and the ’70s. Well, it has more of inspiration from the songs of those times; the interior designing with retro style is of playful approach, the funny structure, their forms, colors or prints are bold, bright it is all anticipated design pieces to come. It is a new approach to design forms, yet it has air old began design lines and prints which have geometric shapes, lines, plaid, etc. today is more known as Pop Art Style. It has bright colors, figurines, and loud designs.

Maverick Style:

Maverick style interior design



This is a modern style of interior design, but in this approach, it is very inventive; you will see unique designing and unconventional things. It is more about the young designers who are explosive and innovative and not so respectful to the rules. The structures could be obtained with joining of pieces, overlapping of volumes, and volumes twisting colors which can be randomly chosen, and seemingly nothing happens. This style is eccentric.

Contemporary Style:


Contemporary Interiors living room

This interior designing style maintains a hotline through the selected finishes and the color range used. Here you there is not new yet modern and fresh. The colors are balanced and warm; you will see bright tones and pastels are not in this style. The finishes are friendly, mostly in wood and veneer. You will have solid wood doors, with the frames with the appearance of polished and panels upholstered with leather. There is more usage of textile materials, plush, velvet; upholstered pieces are used in shaping ambiance. There are decorated cushions and carpets as characteristics. The Scandinavian modern style is an example of a contemporary style of interior design.

High-Tech Style:




The High-tech style is an innovative modern style. This style emphasis is on the furniture’s structure where every detail of the combination is not random, but it is part of the structure. The screw, wheels, apparent booms, rivets, and rough metal finish the appearances bulbs are all specific to this style. The finishes in this style are glass, plastic, wood, metals, in small proportion, and for parts, there is the use of the fabric upholstered, which are simple. Leather, too, is used. Colors that are often used on the black scale, white and dull gray.

Elegant Country Style:

Traditional-Country side Theme-For-Living-Room

Country side elegant interior design

It is about the elegant furniture style, which has the influence of the Scandinavian class pure style, pure French form, and the English style. Often it is called the rural chic. In this, the furniture finishes are excellent, more in bright colors with white background, pastel colors, and the forms which are from traditional furniture but not over decorations. Surfaces can be painted or have slight patina.


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