Basic Tips For Buying Your Baby’s Bedding


Basic Tips For Buying Your Baby’s Bedding

Everyone loves to buy stuff for the babies because baby-stuff looks so cute! Isn’t it? But, while buying anything for your baby, you need to be extra careful. You want it to be extra hygienic and comfortable for the baby. This is because you know that your baby cannot tell you if they’re facing any problem, and it is you who has to be prudent.

One can get confused while browsing on the internet about the various options available when one wants to buy this stuff. It is, therefore, safe to go for a well-reputed brand in the market, like the ‘Bubba Blue.’ Here are a few things you need to buy to ensure good bedding for your baby, take a look at it:

Mattress Pad

Basic Tips For Buying Your Baby’s Bedding

Consider buying two waterproof mattress pad so that you can have one as a backup. These mattress pads come in different sizes; the smaller ones are called lap pads or burp pads. These can be easily washed in the machine because of their small size, while the larger ones are needed to be washed separately. You can choose quilted pads that are one inch thick or less since they are made up of cotton or other synthetic fabrics. Never use plastic bags as a mattress cover since these can be a suffocation hazard for the baby.

Fitted Sheet

Basic Tips For Buying Your Baby’s Bedding

Mostly, the crib sheets have fitted corners to keep them wear-free. These are made up of fabrics like cotton, cotton blends, and lightweight flannel. Read the instructions for washing it very carefully and follow them. Some parents complain that the sheets shrink after washing them, you need to make sure that this doesn’t happen as this is something that you need to use daily.

Swaddle Wrap

Basic Tips For Buying Your Baby’s Bedding

This is a cute wrap for your baby that covers the baby from neck to toes and keeps the cloth from slipping off the baby. The new swaddle wraps are designed in such a way that it allows the baby to stretch his legs and move his hands too. And against the popular belief, it doesn’t make them suffocate; on the contrary, they make them feel secure. These wraps, when opened up, becomes a conventional blanket that can be used as normal ones and for washing purpose. These are not very expensive to buy and cannot be used for long since your child will outgrow it very soon. Some fabrics are flame-resistant. Consider buying children stuff that is made from these fabrics.

Wearable Blanket

Basic Tips For Buying Your Baby’s Bedding

These are similar to the swaddle wraps and go over your baby’s diapers and give better legroom to your baby. In these blankets, the arms of your baby won’t get trapped like in the case of Swaddle wraps. These are also very cheap to buy. Make sure that you buy a blanket that doesn’t get hard after washing. You need to keep checking if the fabric has become hard since it can cause rashes to your baby’s skin.

You generally have to wash the baby’s sheets every day or twice daily, either because their diaper would be leaking or because they have spilled milk on it. You need to have at least 8-10 of these sheets since you need to have a good stock of them, and you can’t risk your baby on a sheet or a blanket that has become dirty.

Remember, healthy sleep means a healthy baby. Babies spend most of their time on their cribs, and hence there needs to be comfortable for them. Make sure that there’s nothing that they can bite during their teething time that is unhygienic for your baby.

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