Basic Types Of Lighting Fixtures And What They’re For


It’s oh so true that lighting can make all the difference in making any place be pizzazz-ed from mediocre to modern-chic. And with the help of one of the UK’s prime lighting dealers, Pagazzi Lighting, we have a list of the basic types of lighting fixtures to spruce up your home’s interior design.

As your buying guide for when you’re out shopping for lighting fixtures that will suit your home, here are some you can choose from, no sweat.

Main Lighting Fittings You Should Know About

  1. Ceiling Lights

Ambient Lighting Fixture

This ambient lighting fixture is the typical choice for wanting an entire room to be lit up. Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, gives off a high level of illumination to cover an entire area from end to end.

You’ll find that this category has a very expansive selection for you to choose from. Aside from design and pattern, you should also take into consideration the number and kind of bulbs each ceiling-mounted lighting equipment requires.

  1. Flush Lamps

Flush Lamps

You’ll be able to immediately tell a flush lamp from any other type because these are directly mounted on the ceiling itself. They don’t have stems that hang them from above. If you have rooms with low ceilings, flush lamps are an excellent choice.

Because of the very fact that a Flush Lamp’s body is installed directly, you’ll have an easier time cleaning it now and then. It won’t gather dust as quickly as other kinds of ceiling lights. Moreover, they’re meant for compact spaces; they won’t feel too “bulky” in a room with ceiling heights of about 8 feet or below.

  1. Semi-Flush Lamps

Semi Flush Lamps

Quite the opposite of number 2, a Semi-Flush Lamp has a stem, allowing the light source itself to drop at least 5 inches beneath the ceiling. Most have a very modish design as they act as statement pieces in a room as well.

Only, you should take note that Semi-Flush Lamps usually don’t radiate bright light as it works best in small spaces. Large areas will need to have two or more of these to be well-lighted in all angles.

  1. Track Lights

Track Lights

Now here’s an option that’s got chic and modern written all over it. Track lights are a string of lamps set on a track system. This series of bulbs or light heads can be moved from an area to the next effortlessly, and without doing much damage to the foundation, it’s positioned on.

These “spotlights,” small as they are, work perfectly well when lit at the same time. In addition to being transferable, you can even get creative and fit each lamp with differently colored bulbs for special occasions.

  1. Pendant Light

Pendant Lights

When you hear the word “pendant,” you could be imagining a necklace. And yes, that’s exactly why this is named so. Pendant Lights are hung from long stems or vertical beams, though they are not to be interchanged with Semi-Flush Lamps.

These “suspenders” or drop lights have long rods or chains lengthier than that of Semi-Flush Lamps. They have chosen more because of their design than function because their illumination is limited to small spaces. Nonetheless, they’re gorgeous ornaments for rooms lacking in decor.

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