Basics Of Kitchen Interior: Part 1


Luxury Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen interior is considered the most important of all in-home, which has to be the perfect combination of functionality, style, and intelligence.

The kitchen interior has to be done while considering that the cook has to function here and do optimum efficiency. The materials which are used in the kitchen interior must be able to combat grime, and the kitchen space must look immaculate.

Here Are Some Basic Things about the Kitchen Interior

Work Triangle:

Work Triangle

Basically, this is an imaginary line drawn between the center of the sink, cooktop, and fridge. Well, this is the basics of cooking and cleaning and everything in the kitchen. The sum of all the three sides must not exceed 24 feet, and each arm of a triangle must be between four to nine feet long.

This is basically a general guideline in kitchen design, which will ensure that the cook doesn’t have to walk too many steps between the most frequented points. This is essential to improve the working efficiency in the kitchen.

Counter Top:

Kitchen Countertop

Many claim otherwise, but the best is indigenous granite countertop or natural stone, which are the best options. These are hardy, last several years, and look great with kitchen design and décor.


Modern Black Backsplash Tile Gray Kitchen

Basically, these are a row of tiles that run perpendicular to the countertop. These are installed in walls because they tend to protect walls from food or any splash on them.

Green Backsplash Tiles

You can have a whole range of options to choose from, such as




Plain tiles with highlighters

Stainless steels

Yellow Kitchen Backsplash Modern Design Backsplash Kitchen

These tiles must be easy to clean and is part of modern interior design for kitchen interiors.

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