BathEmpire Presents Ravishing Radiators at Grand Designs Live 2015


Today’s world is home to an ever more aggressive, demanding, and the hard-bargaining consumer; this much is true.

This has perhaps been aided somewhat by the burgeoning growth of the internet, as it has allowed customers to be better informed when they head out on the high street due to the ease of research, and because online retailers offer extreme value, driving prices down.

The points adumbrated above pertain to the home improvement industry as much as any other, from bathrooms to bedrooms and all in between (and on all floors!). It has even got to the point where items usually overlooked have more attention lavished on them – by designers and buyers – than ever before. Into this category come radiators.

We plan on displaying some of our top quality radiators at this year’s Grand Designs Live. The show will be taking place from 2nd to 10th May 2015 at the Excel in London and to give you access to view our products for free, we are giving away five free pairs of tickets.

Read below to find out more about the radiators that we will have on display.

Traditional Radiators

This is probably the easiest one of the two to lay out for you, representing as it does what we’ve been used to most of our lives!

These will, in 99% of cases, tend to be situated horizontally, spreading low and unobtrusive along the bottom of your wall. They would also feature very unassuming colours, white, beige and the like, and this is the case now, too.

Traditional radiators exhibit very standard shapes, so you should avoid angular, edgy or any other unorthodox look if you want a vintage radiator.

Designer Radiators

These, unsurprisingly, take the opposite tack to the above. Designer radiators’ whole raison d’etre is to act as a talking point, to present edgy, quality looks. These are exemplified by vertical radiators and stunning finishes.

What we are talking here is chrome, or anthracite, which provides a scintillating gleam and a rough, cool, understated darkness, respectively. Other popular gloss finishes include black and silver, while you can accentuate the modern ethos of these units by fitting them with flat panels, which gives a smooth, uncluttered finish

As is the case with the above, you can significantly boost the BTU output with the addition of supplementary panels, with double and triple models available.

Therefore, if you would like to take a look at our radiators and brand new bathroom furniture, visit us at the show. We will be waiting for you with a handful of free ducks to give out, on stand K20. See you there!

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