Bathroom Decorating Ideas With Modern Lighting Fixtures

On May 22, 2017 by Himanshu Shah

The bathroom is where almost every one of us starts and finishes their day. When you get out of bed in the morning, there is a high probability that you will use the toilet, take a shower, wash your hands, style your hair, brush your teeth, apply makeup, and much more. Before going to bed at night, you will definitely wash your hands, relieve yourself, wash your face, remove makeup, apply moisturizers or creams, and much more.

Proper bathroom lighting using modern light fixtures is essential in making your bathroom more charming, functional, and stylish. Apart from adding elegance and beauty, modern lighting fixtures also create a peaceful, luxurious, and comfortable atmosphere in your bathroom. This article will disclose to you bathroom decorating ideas with modern light fixtures.

Antique Sconces

Antique Sconces
These modern light fixtures usually hang above the oversize mirror. Apart from adding unexpected flair to the brightness of your bathroom, the dark finish on antique sconces also helps to unify the cabinet hardware as well as the dark legs of your bathroom chair. What’s more? Their strategic location above the vanity also provides enough lighting for grooming and makeup application.

Modern LED Lighting Fixtures

Modern LED Lighting Fixtures
Besides being ideal for revealing your bathroom’s architectural features and beautiful ceiling/ wall decorative designs, modern energy saving LED light fixtures also help to bring a playful and adventurous atmosphere to your bathroom. What’s more? Using color changing lampshades is also an easy and cheap way to update your bathroom space. Dark-colored lampshades tend to block a lot of light. Thus, it is wise to stick to light colors if you want to maximize your lighting fixture’s illumination.

Light Tubes

Modern streamlined light tubes not only provide soft light but also enhance the beauty and elegance of your bathroom. To customize the amount of light in the bathroom, try to use multiple light switches with approximately 2 to 3 lights on a circuit. You can flip one switch to turn on overhead lights alone or flip the second one when you need more light at the vanity for either makeup or grooming.

Lamp Sconces

Lamp Sconces
Do you want to add a romantic feel of your bathroom? Modern lamp sconces are all you need. The white shades of these lamp sconces diffuse the glowing effect of the common light bulbs, helping to soften the light in your bathroom in order to create a romantic feel.

Candlestick Sconces

Modern Candlestick Wall Sconces
Modern candlestick wall sconces, custom glazed cabinets, and ornate details are a perfect reflection of the famous French bathroom decorating style. Even though these modern light fixtures add flair to your bathroom, it is vital to note that you will still need to have another source of light, for instance, recessed lighting or an overhead fixture to provide adequate illumination for grooming or applying makeup.

Crystal Chandelier

Crystal Chandelier
Besides creating a dazzling show of reflections when mounted directly on mirrors, crystal chandeliers also help to crown your bathroom with luxury and elegance. Even though hanging the crystal chandelier above a bathtub looks great, ensure you follow the construction codes for your area. Many building codes specify that the base of a crystal chandelier should be about eight feet above the tub to ensure that no one touches any part of the lighting fixture while standing in the tub full of water.

Light Fixture Layering

To produce the best lighting results, try layering different types of modern light fixtures in your bathroom. For instance, you can use a combination of natural light from the windows, overhead light from the chandelier, and light from the fixtures above the mirrors to cater for all your bathroom lighting needs.

Contemporary Lighting Fixtures with Geometric Patterns and Shapes

Contemporary Lighting Fixtures
Contemporary lighting fixtures with geometric shapes and patterns can also be used to adorn your bathroom with beauty and coziness. Apart from changing the character and mood of your bathroom, contemporary lighting fixtures with geometric shapes also add unique, fresh, spectacular, and novel accents to your bathroom. What’s more? Besides being impressive and bright, contemporary lighting fixtures with geometric shapes can also help to add color and balance to your bathroom’s interior design.

Wrap Up

Apart from helping to illuminate even the darkest spaces of your bathroom, modern lighting fixtures are also ideal for adding a subtle and calming sparkle to the bathroom. What’s more? Besides creating the right mood in your bathroom, modern lighting fixtures also help to make your bathroom decor more energetic, cozy, stimulating, and intimate. The bathroom decorating tips elaborated on this page will definitely help you to transform your bathroom from blah to brilliant.

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