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Luxurious Bathroom

While some people may argue that the kitchen is the most important place in the home; we beg to differ, because there are some pretty important things going on in the bathroom too. Indeed, many of us start and end our day in the bathroom, whether washing our face at the sink or taking a night shower; we cannot but spend some good quality time in our bathroom. However, as important as a bathroom, maybe, to fully hone its benefits and features, one has to ensure that it is appropriately designed. And that means taking many aspects of the room into account. The colors, surfaces, shape, materials, to mention but a few, are some of the elements of a bathroom that has to be carefully chosen to have a bathroom that fits the need of the homeowner. Here, in this article, we share some tips that are known to be useful in designing and redesigning any bathroom.

Panels Are Absolutely King

First and foremost, let’s talk about the bathroom wall surfaces; shall we? In the not-too-distant past, many homeowners turn to tile when designing their bathroom walls. Well, while that doesn’t sound too bad, there is another popular choice making the rounds in the modern world. And that is the use of panels. Panels are a sleek, modern alternative to conventional tiles, and they are fast becoming everyone’s choice. Although the initial design costs of panels are often higher than tiling, it is always worth every penny in the end. Unlike tiling, panels require less maintenance and cleaning, and if you are lucky enough to lay your hands on panels made from durable materials like stone resin, you can expect nothing short of a lifelong guarantee.

Create An Illusion Of Space

Regardless of your bathroom size, your choice of design determines the amount of space available to you. That said, did you know that you can use a color scheme to create an illusion of space in your bathroom? Indeed, color schemes have long been known for their aesthetic features, but beyond that, a color scheme can also be used to maximize the space in a bathroom. With the right color or color combination, a perfect pairing of hues with contrasting colors or accent walls, you can transform your small bathroom into a large, airy, and spacious one. Some popular combination includes white with an accent, Citrus tones, Sea shades, and Pretty pastels.

Go Faux

Nowadays, earthy shades and natural tones are fast becoming a popular bathroom choice. And who can argue against that? Despite the level of exquisiteness and elegance that comes with many natural materials like marble, granite, and stone, they are still a nuisance to upkeep. Marbles, for instance, is not water-resistant, and it also gets stained and dirty easily, which means more work in terms of cleaning and maintenance. However, thanks to the new faux marble surfaces making waves on the market, homeowners can now enjoy all of the beauty that comes with the natural material without having to deal with any of its downsides. Faux is simply non-porous and incredibly stain-resistant too. And, like the natural material, they come in different patterns and nuances.

Transform Your Shower Into A Wetroom

Did you know that you can transform your ordinary shower enclosure into a wetroom irrespective of its size? You wonder how? Welcome to the modern age where everything and anything happens. With bespoke sized shower trays and matching panels, this transformation can be achieved even in the smallest or most awkward of bathrooms. And one of the many benefits of this transformation is that it creates a coordinated, high-end hotel look. To make this more aesthetically pleasing, you should ask your plumber for a solid, steam room style bench to create a more relaxing atmosphere. However, before you look to achieve this new modern design, be sure that local plumbers will travel to you because this transformation isn’t one of those regular DIYs you will find on the internet. Long story short, you will need a professional!

Heritage Isn’t For Everyone

These days, the fact that you want to go for a traditional, heritage style bathroom doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to vintage-looking products and materials. There is no better time to go full-blown than when you are going heritage. If heritage; make sure it’s well worth it. However, if you are not quite ready for a full-blown heritage bathroom, then it is very much better for you to go for something accents or contemporary.

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