Bathroom makeover into Home Spa


You can create a very relaxing and a sophisticated spa in the bathroom of your own home. Certain steps that you must remember to create a spa are as follows:

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1. Removing of the doors – open the space by removing the shower door is important. It will become airy and will give you the feel of a spa. Make use of the combination of greens and blues on the walls. It gives a clean and a refreshing feeling and makes the atmosphere tranquil. Your mood will be uplifted in such a relaxing environment.

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2. Use candles – in order to create a serene mood it is important to add candles to your spa. Whether it is the daytime or at night candles can be made use of. You can place the candles on tall stands and the positive and relaxing vibes that it emits will help your moods to get uplifted.

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3. Use neutral tiles – it is important to make use of neutral tiles in your bathroom. Along with that make use of light coloured photo frames that hang from the above of your bath tub. It gives a very soothing and a light feeling in your personal space. Keep the floor of your bathroom clutter free.


4. Hang a curtain – if your bath tub is the main feature of your bathroom then make it look luxurious by handing a chandelier and replace your old curtains with a beautiful, flowery light shade curtain to give a classy look.

5. Sink –any bowl high edged can be made to look like a sink. A simple ceramic model can be used in the form of a sink. It will look all the more better when used. It will give the feeling of a home based spa.

Master-bathroom with seashells

6. Decorate with shells – you can give that look to your bathroom that is beachy, laid back, ocean feel by decorating it with shells and star fish. A colour combination of sky blue and white can be made use of. You can make shelves in the room and have them painted with a refreshing cool blue colour. In order to complete the look you can also add a shower on the top.


7. Sink used in the form of a trough – if you have a large bathroom then you must keep an extra-long sink that fits in the same length of two sinks. This can be used in the spa to even wash your hair. The feeling of Zen continues with pebble floor made use of.


8. Make us of pretty toiletries – a spa generally has many accessories including a soft towel that is made available on the side of the sink. You can make use of pampering treats along with a toiletry bag. You can make use of smooth smelling soaps and gels and keep your bathroom upto the mark. Make use of a mirrored tray in order to carry the stuff in it.

Your home bathroom would definitely come out as a soothing spa when you start making use of the above mentioned ideas.

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