Battery Backup Sump Pump – A Must Have In Your Home Basement


Many households face the problem of flooding the basement whenever a heavy downpour occurs. This problem is imminent for households that have a base mount or any floor in their house below the ground level. In such situations, the groundwater or the water collected in rainwater harvesting systems may seep through and then reach the base floors, which may cause flooding.

This is the reason why the need for a sump pump arises. Many households facing this problem invest in a sump pump to avoid the floor being harmed.

Today we are going to talk about how you need a sump pump with a battery backup as well to avoid problematic situations during a heavy downpour.

What Is A Battery Backup Sump Pump?

Best Battery Backup Sump Pump

A battery backup sump pump is a device that sucks in the accumulated water while being powered by a charged battery.

It behaves as a backup sump pump to prevent your regular device from running through direct power.

These sump pumps come with a battery, which is charged with an automatic charger.

Such pumps can run in case of power outages, and due to the power source being a battery, the chances of a short circuit are minimal.

At the same time, such pumps are not affected by the different power voltages, which may cause an electrical fault in other devices.

Why Are These Pumps Important?

Flooded Basement

These pumps are a device that is handy for most people facing the problem of basement flooding.

Along with the primary sump pump running directly through the power current, these products are a must-have for all households.

Now the question is-


Well, let’s go step by step.

  • Can Assist In Case Of an Overwhelming Response

Wayne Esp25 Sump Pump Battery Backup System

Even if you possess a primary power-source sump pump, irrespective of how effective one you have, in case of a very heavy downpour or torrential rain, there are chances that your good old pump runs out of juice to handle it all alone.

So, if you want to keep your basement dry at all times, a battery backup sump pump will assist the primary device in keeping the water level at bay.

So, you can make out from these pointers that having an additional battery backup sump pump is a good thing and won’t harm to have. It is good to have a backup, and if you keep that in mind, things can never go wrong in case of emergencies, as you would have a well-thought contingency if you invest in just the right battery backup sump pump.

  • In Case The Primary Pump Loses Power

Liberty Pumps Sj10 Discharge Sump And Jet Water Powered Back-Up Pump

Your primary pump runs directly through an electrical connection. And as the process of the pump involves water, however water-resistant the product is supposedly designed to be, no one can filter out the risk factor. So, in case this pump of yours loses power due to any short circuits, you should have a device that is capable of handling the pressure just as well as your old buddy, without the fear of facing a short circuit with that device as well.

After all, you then have a contingency plan in case of an emergency, right?

  • Their Alarms Come In Handy

Windynation 12V 100 Amp-Hour Deep Cycle Vrla Battery

A sump pump with a battery backup usually comes with an alarm, which sounds in case the water level has risen to an alarming level.

While the pump goes on working, it sounds like an alarm so that the user can take certain measures to reduce the water level to a controlled level. This comes in handy for the user to respond efficiently to the alarming water level.

  • Useful Even When The Primary Pump Is In Full Power

Wayne Wsm3300 Sump Minder Advanced Notification Backup Pump

Even when your primary pump is at full power, a battery backup pump is a good addition since the water accumulated also has a lot of small rocks, leaves, and other garbage in it. This debris can clog the filter of your sump pump, and this can cause problems even when your pump has no power problems.

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