Beautiful Garden Decorating Ideas For The Upcoming Holidays


The most beautiful time of the year is finally here! Everywhere around, you can see joy and happiness and feel the festive atmosphere. As squares and streets have already been dressed in their holiday outfits, it’s about time you started decorating your house and garden for the upcoming holidays. Therefore, get inspired by the holiday spirit and make your home be the one that everyone stops by to admire.

Welcoming Entry

Welcoming Entry For Christmas

Since entry is the face of the house, it definitely shouldn’t be neglected when it comes to Christmas decorations. As much as the front door wreath is a good old idea, it could look poorly unless you combine it with quite a few additional embellishments. For instance, hang matching garlands above the door or let them spiral down the columns. With only several baubles or bows to fulfill their decorative purpose, fir tree or artificial garlands will give your house a classic holiday look. To add some style to your entryway Christmas decoration, place a terracotta pot with dwarf spruce or Poinsettia on each side of the door. You can also put vases with branches spray painted in white, silver, or red instead.

And Cozy Porch

Cozy Porch

In case you have a porch or patio, it would be a shame to leave it naked. Again, take advantage of garlands. Hang them on the fence using bows and letting them dangle lightly. When bringing holiday spirit on the porch, you can include your children and make pretty amassing Christmas crafts. For example, you can use basket or old wooden sleigh to create Christmas arrangement with fir tree branches, pinecones, and sprigs of holly berries. In case you live in areas with a warmer climate, dress up the furniture too. Throw holiday motif pillows and arrange the table centerpiece for traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

Create A Fairytale

Fairytale Tyoe Decoration

Spread the magic of holiday all around your garden, and it can quickly become a real fairytale. As holiday spirit wouldn’t be the same without dazzling Christmas lights, cover the trees and shrubs with string lights to shine every corner of the yard. You can intertwine them among branches or around trunks. However, nothing can complement winter idyll as decorated evergreens. In case you don’t have any, consider planting fir tree or thuja, and you will have perfect outdoor Christmas decorations for years. Since garden and landscape designers can do projects incorporate it nicely into your garden, you don’t have to worry about its appearance once the holiday season is over.

Walk Through The Wonderland

Walk Through The Wonderland

By decorating the walkway for holidays, you wish a warm welcome to neighbors and Christmas carolers. There are many beautiful ideas to help you line the sidewalk. For example, consider marking it with pre-lit miniature Christmas trees that come in various colors and materials. In the same way, you can make an accent with pathway yardsticks that can be found in the shapes of a snowflake, candy, Santa, snowman, and everything related to Christmas. However, if you don’t want to clutter your small garden, think about decorative artificial luminous pebbles. Although they are usually used for fish tanks, they can certainly serve the decorative purpose.

Display Big Yard Ornaments

Display Big Yard Ornaments

The stunning holiday scene in your garden can be perfected by enormous yard decorations, which means that you can have Santa and his sleigh, reindeers, snowman, and even nutcracker in front of your house. When opting for big yard Christmas decorations, you should avoid placing inflatable ones on the lawn as they can destroy the grass beneath them. So, instead, put them on concrete or choose pre-lit wired figures.


Although there are no rules or textbooks on how to decorate your garden for Christmas, you still shouldn’t exaggerate anything. But, you should enjoy it as much as everything else that the magic of Christmas brings us. Happy Holidays!

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