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Iron Door

Front doors are not only necessary for protection. They could also improve your home’s hospitality feature while complementing your home décor, taking the overall appearance of your home several steps towards perfection; this is where bespoke doors installation comes into play.

However, the material from which these doors are fabricated could significantly influence their quality. As opposed to wooden and glass doors that have a history of brittleness, what better material to improve security than iron? Iron is durable, hard, and easily maintained, and it could also be manipulated enough by welding consultants to create that elegance you are looking for. If you are looking to get iron doors with the very best designs that should both protect and decorate your home, this article should help you decide.

Types Of Metal Doors

Different types of iron doors are manufactured and incorporated with a range of features to satisfy a variety of factors. Some of these factors include weather or temperature, positioning, security level, openness, etc. A few of these designs are:

  • Wrought Iron Doors

These doors, for centuries, have sustained a reputation of classiness and durability. The low carbon content of the iron ensures that it is both malleable during manufacture and resistant to external pressures. Its malleability ensures that it can be crafted into elegant designs.

Wrought iron doors are more suited to dry environments as they are vulnerable to rust. However, if you are in a humid environment and ready to contend with the stress of maintenance, wrought iron doors should serve you well. Alternatively, you could get yourself a steel door.

  • French Metal Doors

French metal doors are elegant and decorative. Perhaps their best feature is their adaptability to different home decorations and building styles. Furthermore, because they are crafted with lesser amounts of rust-vulnerable iron, French metal doors are more suited to humid environments. They also produce ample ventilation due to their openness, making them a good choice against hot weather.

  • Insulated Metal Doors

Usually crafted with solid metal or incorporated with accessories like textured glass, this door is suitable for homeowners looking for absolute privacy. The austere look could also give your home that pleasant minimalist appearance. Insulated metal doors are more suited for colder temperatures and can easily protect against strong winds and hail. Most of these doors leave a lot of room for light to go through, thanks to the textured glass fittings, which also hold in the heat, saving you a lot in heating bills.

Complementing The Designs

A few features could complement the functions of these doors, depending on certain factors.

Cold areas with the need for insulation, for instance, could employ metal doors with more closed designs, while homes in hotter environments could opt for a more open design. Additionally, inswing doors serve snowy areas more than outswing doors; steel doors are more suited to humid environments when compared with rust-vulnerable iron doors.

The position and size of the entryway should also determine the size of the door to be installed. For example: while double-paneled doors are better for wider entryways, single-paneled doors would look better at side or back entrances.


Protection and elegance are very valid reasons to get a metal door for your home. However, it is also important to consider simple features that could ensure satisfaction.

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