Beautify Your House With Creative Fireplace Designs

On July 3, 2014 by Abhijit Sarkar

Fireplace Design A fireplace is usually a designed structure which is used to hold a fire and keeps the house warm. Fireplaces are usually spotted in houses which are located at higher altitudes as they face colder conditions in those areas. Earlier, fireplaces were used for domestic purposes like heating and cooking but with the span of time fireplaces are being used as an asset of house decor. You will need creative fireplace designs in order add an extra touch to the elegancy of your home. Some of the creative varieties are listed below-

White Fireplace

White Fireplace Mantel Designs A white fireplace adds a gorgeous touch to any type of room. This variety of the kind emphasizes the design and shape of the hearth. If the walls and furniture of the area holds warm whites along with gray undertones then installing a white fireplace to the surround would serve as a pure counterpoint. This kind of style contrasts adds life to the sleek white palette. In order to create eclectic look while the background in neutral white, edgy accents of hues must be employed to the fireplace such as red-orange and black accents might stand out to create a perfect environment due to the blend of the mix- match combi.

Tile Fireplace

Modern Tiles Fireplaces You can consider giving an eye-catching and creative look to your fireplace with graceful tiles. As they can give a edgy and distinctive look to a dull surrounding .The tile varieties are available in almost countless textures, patterns and color. But you must prefer using small-scale patterned varieties which turns the fireplace into a stunning and elegant focal point. Keep the mantel and decor simple, as this would allow the attention of the viewer to stay focused on the beautiful tiles.

Traditional Fireplaces

Traditional Fireplaces Traditional homes are elegantly charm and hold a warm welcoming feel in them, and the same can be mentioned of their focal point feature that is the fireplace. Though traditional home fireplaces usually wear varieties of sophisticated materials, but still they feature an innate coziness that attracts the individual towards itself. The traditional style fireplace feature neutral and understated elements. A painted wood mantel typically crowns a natural stone surrounding. It’s only the accessories that add various traditional genres to the style of fireplace. Using white polished marble blends along with white-painted glossy mantelpiece creates a seamless look. And make sure that while designing a traditional fireplace the glass enclosure of the firebox should be unfussy and slick.

Modern Fireplace

Modern Fireplace Design If you prefer sophisticated, sleek, singular designs of fireplace then modern fireplace designs are perfect choice for you. These design varieties direct the attention towards flames blazing within. The Modern fireplaces offer an original outlook which fuses neutral hues, alternative materials and crisp contours, into a fashion appeal. Modern fireplace designs feature statuesque and purposeful structures which often at times step back in order to let the sculptural fittings and furniture of the room speak of their beauty. The simplicity of modern fireplaces maximizes number of components to form attractive focal points which always sparks interest of the viewer.

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