Beautify Your Kitchen With A Sturdy And Cleanable Wallpaper


Sturdy And Cleanable Kitchen Wallpaper

Do you know wallpaper can be a secret ingredient for your kitchen design success? Yes! You read it right. However, people usually overlook the kitchen part when they decide to install wallpaper in their homes. Do you know why? It is because of the durability concern of kitchen wallpaper. People think that wallpaper will quickly get damaged and will not last long. And that is the reason they opt for paint or tiling because they believe it is more resilient. However, today the scenario is completely changed.

Previously, the wallpapers were only used to décor a bedroom or a living room. However, with the advancement in wallpaper technology and the design industry, wallpaper designs for the kitchen have become more critical than mere backsplash covers in the kitchen. Today, washable wallpapers are available with increasing choice and a massive range of designs, which can be a perfect pick for the kitchen environment’s stresses. Take, for example, this beautiful Corate’s grey marble wallpaper, and see how it can transform your kitchen space entirely.

Now, one question will surely pop into your mind – what washable wallpaper is.

Read on to find its answer.

What Is A Washable Wallpaper?

Washable wallpaper is one of the best materials for decoration. This type of wallpaper does not only look appealing in the interior, but it also simplifies the cleaning procedure. Washable wallpaper encompasses a thin plastic translucent coating cover. This cover protects the pattern printed on the base paper. Due to this coating, the washable wallpaper becomes unaffected by stains and marks. You can wipe them using a moist cloth. Sounds great! Right?

Now, how will you determine that the particular wallpaper is washable or not?

Let’s find its answer.

How To Find That The Wallpaper Designs For The Kitchen Are Washable?

To determine whether a particular kitchen wallpaper is washable or not, you need to pay attention to its labeling—this label you can find on the back of the roll on the packaging.

Let us understand Marking in detail.

Washability Rating

1 WaveSpongeableYou can wipe this wallpaper’s surface with a moist, soft cloth.
2 WavesWashableYou can remove the fresh dirt, dust, and stain from the surface using a conventional cloth, sponge, or weakly alkaline solution.
3 WavesSuper WashableYou can wash the surface using a rag, sponge, and soap solution. It is a perfect pick for a kitchen finishing.
3 Waves + brushFriction-ResistantYou can use a sponge, rag, brush, and soapy water at the time of cleaning. This wallpaper is an ideal option for the kitchen.


Different Types Of Washable Kitchen Wallpapers Based On Material

  1. Vinyl


This kind of wallpapers is washable and suitable for finishing the kitchen. Usually, its coating is a 2-layer web of paper or fabric-based incorporating PVC coating. To clean this type of wallpaper, you can use a moist cloth.

  1. Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Wallpaper with photo printing is an excellent way to design a kitchen. When this kind of washable wallpaper is used with a laminated surface, you can wipe with damp clothes. The benefits of this kind of wallpaper are that the grease and dirt stains do not get into them.

  1. Fabric Based

Fabric Based Wallpaper

If you want to decorate your kitchen, then washable fabric-based wallpaper is a great option. This kind of wallpaper gives additional durability and more reliable than paper-based wallpaper. 

  1. Paper

Paper Wallpaper

If you choose a washable paper-based wallpaper for the kitchen, then go for a film wallpaper. This kind of wallpaper comes with a water-repellent coating and a glossy outer layer. It allows wet cleaning.

  1. Glass Fiber

Glass Fiber

This kind of wallpaper is different from other types. Its coating is made of glass blanks. They are more resistant to damage and prevent the appearance of decay.

  1. Metalized


This type of washable wallpaper provides you with a spectacular appearance. Its coating is made of a paper base that is covered with aluminum foil and paint. To clean this wallpaper, you can use a wet cloth.

  1. Natural Wallpapers

Natural Wallpapers

Natural washable wallpapers are also a great option. This kind of wallpapers gives your kitchen an environmentally friendly look. You can wipe this type of wallpaper with a damp cloth.

Winding Up

Be brave and go for a washable wallpaper that gives your kitchen a classy effect. Also, this kind of wallpaper usually takes away the pressure and cost of tiling your kitchen. All the above-discussed wallpapers are ideal for kitchen usage. So, choose as per your preference.

If you have ever used any of the above-listed wallpaper in a kitchen, share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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