Bedroom Decor Ideas For Newlyweds


New Couple Bedroom Decor

One of the best things a newly married couple has to look forward to following a honeymoon is setting up a new home to start a new and exciting life together.

Since the bedroom is the heart of the home, and the bed is where we spend up to one-third of our lives, it helps to put time and energy into thinking about bedroom decor first.

These bedroom decor ideas for new couples will help guide you through the process of creating a bedroom you will both fall in love with each other. These ideas include how to select the best mattress, as well as tips on the best mood lighting, and how to ensure the bedroom always looks and smells fresh.

Decide On The Best Mattress Size

Romantic Bedroom

How much do you know about mattress dimensions? When you move in with your partner, you might find that moving up a mattress size is a must. Transitioning from having the entire bed to yourself all the time, to permanently co-inhabiting, can often take a bit of getting used to.

If you usually sleep on a full-size mattress, upgrading to a queen-size will ensure you have extra space and comfort. But if you’re used to queen-size, indulging in king size luxury bedding sets is likely to be the best option to avoid any arguments about lack of space in the bed. To that end, it’s also a good idea to get two separate blankets instead of one all-purpose blanket. People have different sleep requirements. Some are hot sleepers and they need iced blankets or extra thin blankets, others may need a heavy weighted blanket for a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Select The Most Comfortable Mattress Possible

Comfortable Mattress For Newlyweds Couple

Okay, so you know the size of mattress you’re after, how about the type of mattress? We all sleep differently. You might be a stomach sleeper, and your partner might be a side sleeper – how do you decide on the best type of mattress that will allow both of you to sleep comfortably?

The top-rated mattress for couples is a memory foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are cooling mattresses that help regulate the temperature of the bed, so you don’t overheat, this is good if one or both of you are hot sleepers and tend to kick the blanket away during the night.

Another key benefit of a memory foam mattress is motion isolation. This is an excellent feature for couples who tend to be light sleepers. Memory foam absorbs the vibrations of movement, so you won’t feel a thing if your partner gets up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Put Some Thought Into The Best Bed Frame

Romantic Bed Frame

Some bed frames are designed for luxurious style, while others provide practicality such as additional storage space.

If storage is something you require – a foundation or storage bed frame might be your best option. You can store bedding and other items neatly out of sight, so your room has less clutter.

However, if you want some luxury and customizable comfort, an adjustable bed frame is highly popular for couples. An adjustable base includes a wireless remote, and each side of the bed can be adjusted in height. This is perfect for reading, watching TV, or elevating the legs to relieve pressure after a long day.

An adjustable bed base can also come with additional features such as USB charging ports on either side (you’ll never fight for the phone charger again), and massage functions for extra relaxation.

Despite the type of bed frame you decide to add to your bedroom decor, just ensure it adds value to your bedroom design and sleep experience!

Set The Right Mood Lighting

Romantic Mood Lighting

It’s time to set the mood. Mood lighting for bedroom decor is fun when you are setting up a new bedroom together with your partner. The trick is ensuring there is plenty of natural light in the day and a dark setup at night for deep and relaxing sleep.

Adding a dimmer to your lights is a great way to please everyone. That way, you can both select the perfect level of lighting.

Lamps are also great, but ensure it is positioned in a way that doesn’t create disturbance if one of you is reading while the other is asleep.

Another helpful tip for lighting in your new bedroom design is to use CFLs or LEDs for energy efficiency – these options are suitable for your eyes, and your energy bill.

Focus On Airflow

Peach Pink Romantic Bedroom

Proper airflow will ensure your bedroom is smelling sweet and is free from dust and allergens that can get in the way of better sleep.

Having a humidifier in the bedroom can help keep the air fresh as well as add a light, subtle scent to the bedroom. Also, consider adding some greenery such as a snake plant or spider plant. Plants not only look beautiful, but they also assist with keeping the air clean and improving mood.

New Couple Bedroom Design

And don’t forget some memories. Hanging up some simple and intimate wedding pictures, photo frames of loved ones, and a piece of artwork you both love can go a long way in completely personalizing the bedroom and making it a comfortable place to rest and start a new chapter.

Use these tips when designing your new bedroom and enjoy the fantastic comfort of sleeping with your favorite person in the world in your favorite room in the house.

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