Bedroom Décor in Purple


Purple Wall Bedroom Ideas

Purple is the hottest color in home décor business in current times mainly due to its versatility. The color purple can be used in many different ways. If can be used to add drama to ordinary designs, when used in deeper shades or used to create a calm soothing effect when used in shades like lilac. Overall purple gives decorator ample opportunities to use their imagination. Purple color can be used in bedroom in myriad ways to procedure wonderful results.

Lilac Love

Lilac Bedroom Design

Lilac color can be used in bedrooms of all age groups. A special favorite of teenage girls, it represents maturity and is a better option than boring pink for this age group. Similarly in adult’s bedroom lilac can be used to provide a calm soothing space. Lilac walls especially are useful for limited space bedrooms. They can make a small bedroom look surprisingly spacious and yet cozy.

Accent Walls

Purple Curtains for Bedroom

Purple is a great color to be used to crate accent wall in your bedroom. If you can paint the entire wall purple or create a checker board pattern using purple with white or other pastels. Wallpapers in purple with different patterns can also be used.


Purple Bedroom Furniture Ideas

A great twist can be added to your otherwise sterile white bedroom by adding a dramatic purple wardrobe in your room. Also a beautiful purple wall paper contrasted with brown and golden colors can produce a quality of luxury in an ordinary living space. Coverlets and pillowcases in purple also settees and carpets can be added to contrast and highlight the color.

Flowers and Accessories

A dramatic purple flowery wallpaper or addition of faux purple flowers can make your interiors come to life. A floral purple wall mural can make a bold dramatic statement.


Modern Purple Bedroom Ideas

Curtains in purple are a good way to incorporate this color in your bedroom. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, different shades can be used. Lighter shades of purple work best in bedrooms with white or pastel themes. Gold and brown colored bedrooms can be made to look most luxurious and beautiful by using curtains in deeper shades of purple.

Purple Bedroom Ideas

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