Bedroom Design Trends For 2019


When are you planning on redecorating your bedroom? Often, despite our bedrooms being our sanctuary, these intimate and sanctuaries are neglected when it comes to our share of spend on the home. Why? Kitchens and bathrooms are expensive, and our personal spaces will often fall to the back of the queue regarding our spending priorities on the home. We’ll give you some tips for transforming your bedroom in 2019, which won’t break the bank.

Bold Colours

Bold Colours Bedroom Design

Two of the key colour palette for 2019, according to Pantone, will be from the opposite end of the spectrum, ‘Cravings’ and ‘Classico’ are two key trends to watch, so why not splash some spicy red and rich purples in your bedroom? Farrow and Ball pastels are so 2012! You can create an ala mode bedroom with a rich purple throw or even a warming orange.

Woven Furniture

Woven Furniture

Natural textures are a big part of the trend for 2019. Rattan furniture is both lightweight and durable, and of course, woven mirror or wicker chair will often be a much more cost-effective option than something more substantial. They say fashion is cyclic; it looks like we’re going back to the 70’s with this trend.

Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect Bedroom Design

Who says everything in life has to be symmetrical? Your bedroom is a sanctuary, and it’s not often you will invite guests to see it! The trend for 2019 is all about textural fabrics so why not pair a waffled pillowcase with a bold print duvet? By adopting a more laid-back approach, you can also now ditch the iron – the perfectly imperfect look is all about mismatching and being freer.

Soft Lighting

Soft Bedroom Lighting

It’s essential you get the lighting right in your bedroom. Who needs a harsh light on a cold winter morning? And, really you should keep the lights dimmed an hour before bed to adjust your brain to ‘sleep mode’. The trend for 2019 is for pendant lamps; light bulbs can be bought at really low wattage and, of course, dimmer switches can also be installed cost-effectively.

Carpets That Make A Statement

Bedroom Carpets

Who needs monochrome and pastels? Why not get a carpet that makes a statement? 2019 is going to be all about bold colours, so why not get a carpet that matches? Of course, a carpet should last a decade or so, especially in the bedroom where you might not do much walking, so it needs to be practical and you ideally don’t want it to date, but if you want some more personality in your room — why not try a stripe?

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