Bedroom Ideas: Time For Sleep, Time For Bed?


Bedroom Ideas

When it comes to the quality of your sleep, buying a good bed is as essential as getting the right mattress. Moreover, the bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and depending on its style, it can serve as an extra storage space. Therefore, it will help if you choose a comfortable, stylish bed that serves its purpose. Here are practical tips to help you with the selection.

Before embarking on your search for the right bed, the first step is to establish how much you wish to spend. Beds are a significant investment. You will be using it for years, so it wouldn’t hurt to spend a good amount of money on it.

Your budget will determine the size, quality, and style of the bed. For instance, if you want a luxury bed, you should be willing to spend more than what you would spend on a standard bed. Similarly, a double bed costs more than a single bed.

Special Sizes

Consider The Available Space:

  • The bed is the elephant in your bedroom. So, its size should match the available space. You can determine the ideal size of the bed by placing your mattress on the floor to get a clear sense of the size. You may also use masking tape to get the approximate measurements.
  • Avoid a bed that will overwhelm your bedroom. It is recommendable to leave approximately two to three feet around your bedsides to give you enough to move freely. Also, leave room for side tables and ensure you have enough storage room.


John Lewis

When approximating the measurements, put the bed frames and headboard into consideration as they take up more space.

If you are acquiring everything new, including the mattress, this point doesn’t apply. In such a case, the size of the mattress depends on the size of the bed. However, if you wish to upgrade your bed and retain the mattress, you must purchase one that complements the size of the mattress.

If you have a full-size mattress, consider buying a double bed. Similarly, if you have a queen-size mattress, get a queen-size bed. The bed should not be smaller or bigger than the mattress, compromising its functionality.

Pay Attention To The Headboard

  • A good bed should be functional. And by this, it means that it should allow you to do everything you intend to do on the bed, other than sleeping. For example, some individuals love spending their free time in bed, reading books, or watching TV shows. Such activities require a headboard for support.
  • Consider the headboard design and whether it complements the bed. There are open-frame, slat, panel, and wingback, to mention a few designs to choose from. Also, pay attention to the material of the headboard, from wood, metal, and upholstery, then select one that suits the theme of your bedroom.

The ideal bulkiness and height of the bed depend on your bedroom’s style. You can get a canopy bed with high frames if you want to lean more towards a dramatic room. But in such a case, make sure your ceiling can accommodate the tall frames. On the other hand, if you are into simplicity, get a bed with as minimal extra details as possible.

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