Bedroom Interior Design Trends For 2020


As 2019 marches on through autumn towards winter’s icy grip, thoughts naturally turn to the coming year. This is always true in the world of professional interior design, which relies on fresh ideas and inspiration to move forward. What works in one year may not always be what people want the following year, for example. The need to be aware of emerging trends is also essential if you are looking to decorate your own home in the future. By knowing what is hot and what is not, you will end up with a home that looks amazing and is admired by all.

Of course, the real secret is finding out which emerging trends are set to cause a stir in the coming 12 months. Here are some of the hottest bedroom décor trends for 2020.

Pillows To Take Center Stage

Pillows To Take Center Stage

The year 2020 looks set to be a year when more focus is put on the cushions on which we sleep. This is sensible as getting a good night’s sleep is entirely dependent on having a comfortable pillow with excellent support for the head and neck. Many think that the classic white cotton pillow is set to steal the show in 2020. With a wide choice of sizes available from a queen size pillow to a king-size, you will easily find suitable ones to buy.

Structured Simplicity

Structured Simplicity

One big trend in terms of decorating a bedroom overall for 2020 is set to be formal simplicity. This way of dressing, the whole room has evolved from the laid-back Scandi look of the previous few years. It sees an unfussy, clean approach taken to decorating your bedroom with an emphasis on a lack of clutter and the use of warm throws and cushions. Neutral colors are significant for this trend, so you may end up painting walls in oatmeal or beige before adding soft accent tones to bring them to life.

Geometric Patterns

Geometric Patterns For Bedroom

This is a design trend that has been bubbling away nicely for a while now, but many think it will explode in 2020. Many interior design insiders believe that bolder, fresher takes on how to use geometric patterns in bedroom décor will catch on. The other thing that marks this out as a trend to watch is how versatile it is. This kind of design can be used on wallpaper, light shades, furniture, or artwork to significant effect. If you like this way of decorating your home, it is one to watch.

Natural Materials

Natural Materials

Another bedroom design trend set to make its mark in 2020 is the increased use of soft, natural materials. This looks set to take off as people begin to care more about the environment and what the furnishings they put in their bedroom are made from. Using natural materials also helps to bring a sense of tranquility and peace to the bedroom, which is, of course, ideal. In 2020, many think that more tactile materials will also be seen in the bedroom to give an extra sense of calm and interest.

Wallpaper Set To Return

Nature Wallpaper For Bedroom

Wallpaper lost out considerably to paint in recent times when people were decorating their rooms. 2020 could see this change as many people expect wallpaper for a small room to make a real comeback. There is a massive choice of wallpaper you can use in many different styles and colors. Wallpaper can also make a bedroom feel cozier and add some depth to space. Many Architectural designers think that this will make the coming 12-months one that will see a resurgence in the popularity of wallpaper.

Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-Functional Furniture

One other trend likely to be seen in 2020 is multi-purpose style bedroom furniture.

A classic example of this is container style beds, which provide extra storage. As we look at the space, we have to get more from; this is a bedroom design trend that could take off. If you have a smaller property with small bedrooms, it is well worth thinking about.

2020 Will Be An Exciting Time For Bedroom Design

Every new year brings its flavors in terms of bedroom interior décor, and 2020 will be no different. While making concrete predictions is always tricky, the above trends are the ones that seem most likely to be popular. If you are thinking of giving your bedroom a revamp, they provide a cool way in which to freshen it up.

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