Bedroom Lighting Ideas To Make Your Room Look Spacious


Bedroom Lighting

When decorating a home or room, furniture and bedding are considered important in neglecting the lights. Imperfect lighting can ruin your interior design completely. So, choose wisely! We often consider it done by putting a table lamp on the side of the bed without bothering any bedroom lighting tips to make our bedrooms stand out in the house. Upgraded lighting can add value to your asset and makes it look aesthetically pleasing and attractive.

Nowadays, it has become trendy to put lamps in the room but make sure they can be easily turned off from the bed. Another popular choice includes a foldable ring light because they are portable and have several ports to charge your devices. Recessed lights are also in great use these days and a great source of improving ambiance without making light too bright in the bedroom.

Best Bedroom Lighting Tips For Your Space

Use Properly Spaced Several Lights

If you have a bigger space, use a big focus light in the center of the room. Big focus light ‘’chandelier’’ can make the surroundings dark with all the focus in the center of the room, so it’s a big no-no. Install different lights along with a chandelier to enlighten your space and make a perfect light combination to make your room look spacious. Never compromise on bedroom lighting because it can make your room a boring place to live in and can ruin interior design completely. Table lamps, ceiling fixtures, and floor lamps can make your room the best place to get dressed and undressed, and read in your room.

More Mirrors On The Wall

More Mirrors On The Wall

Can mirrors make your bedroom look bigger? And the answer is- yes. Placing mirrors in the room can reflect natural light and artificial light and give a brighter and open look during the day. A mirror on the cabinet door and the glass tabletop is an extraordinary idea to make your small space look bigger.

Use Light Colors To Make Your Room Look Bigger

Wall Color

There are so many bedroom lighting ideas out there, but nothing can compete the right mix and match of colors to make your space look bigger- or we can say optical illusion. To make your room look bright and spacious, try to choose a light color. Bright walls look more reflective and give your space an open and airy look with maximizing natural light effect. Go for a soft tone like off-white, green, and blue for the optimum light effect. Darker space absorbs more light, and your room tends to look small.

As color plays a vital role in determining the size of your bedroom, try to consider the color of everything from the walls of your room to the lights and lamps you are going to place in your room.

Avoid Clutter


Clutter minimalism is a key to a spacious room. Do not stock too many items and furniture pieces in your room to avoid the packed look of your bedroom. One or two large painting is more than enough instead of covering your walls with so many paintings to make your room look spacious along with perfect room lighting.

Select Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture

To make your space look bigger, the selection of the right furniture is the key. Select multipurpose furniture pieces for your room that can be used for different purposes. For example, a perfect coffee table in the bedroom can also be a storage place for your personal belongings. In addition, nesting tables and foldable chairs and tables can be a good option for your room.

Do not buy bulky or tall furniture because it can make your space look small. Select chairs and a sofa with open arms and exposed legs to let the light pass under the furniture give an open and airy look.

Windows For More Natural Light

Bedroom Windows

If you are into more bedroom lighting and an airy environment, install a big window in every possible place in your home. For better bedroom lighting, a large window is a good option. The window, which can be opened or slide, allows the fresh air and light to come in, giving your space a bigger look.

Be careful while choosing window trim. Select wide trim to create the illusion of a wide window allowing more light to come in. With this small room lighting idea and tips, you can undoubtedly make your place look more spacious.

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