Beginners Guide-What You Must Know Before Buying The Mini Microwave


Mini Microwave Buying Guide

A microwave is a common and useful appliance that is used for cooking and heating different kinds of foods. If you are planning to buy a new microwave and you have less space in your kitchen you can prefer a mini microwave. Here are the complete buying guidelines for beginners.

  1. How To Select The Best Mini Microwave?

How To Select The Best Mini Microwave

Mini microwaves are mainly of three types. They are over-the-range, built-in, and countertop. The most popular small microwaves are the countertop ones. These are usually the microwaves that are used at home. One of the most important reasons why they are preferred is due to no extra installation. They can be taken from the box, and there you have a new appliance. On the other hand, compact microwaves like built-in and over the range are expensive. They are quite on the higher side. Also, they require installation. Similarly, they are not portable as compared to countertops.

The next important factor that you need to consider is the size of the tiny microwave that you want. Mini microwaves are available in a variety of different sizes. You can choose the ones that are preferable to the available space. The internal capacity of the corner microwave can range from 0.5 cubic feet to over 2 cubic feet. The external dimensions depend on the available size where you need to place it. Be sure to check the dimensions of the dorm microwave so that it perfectly suits the space. Also, consider the price of the low wattage microwave. Since you plan on buying a mini microwave, get one from a reputed brand with good reviews.

  1. Types Of Mini Microwave

Types Of Mini Microwave

There are three types of mini microwaves that you can find online. They are Grill, Solo, and Convection. A solo microwave is a space saver microwave that is considered quite basic. Grill microwaves are one level above solo microwaves. On the other hand, convection microwaves are the most popular ones on the lot. The difference between these three lies in the price range, watts, and features. Solo microwaves or portable microwave for cars use electromagnetic radiation for cooking food.

The microwave power consumption is the lowest. Also, they are the cheapest of the three options. The power consumption of the microwave is in the range of a 600-watt microwave. The grill microwaves are the ones that allow you to grill food without having to use an outdoor grill. You can grill all kinds of food. They have a special grill heater and other interesting features. Convection microwaves combine the qualities of both the solo and grill microwaves. Also, they have the ability to bake as well.

  1. How To Use A Mini Microwave For Beginners?

How To Use A Mini Microwave

Here are some tips for beginners that can be quite useful. Although it is not possible to microwave every food, it can prove to be a useful appliance.

Do not use traditional metal vessels or cookware in the truck microwave. The electromagnetic radiation cannot pass through metal. Hence, they are never used while microwaving any kind of food. Do not use any metal cookware as it won’t serve any purpose.

Do not try out new recipes that include a lot of water. For instance, avoid making pasta in the RV microwave oven. They are not suitable to cook in a mini microwave. You can use your normal stove for cooking them as it will take less time.

When you plan on making any dish, make sure to arrange the food well. This will ensure that they cook evenly. For instance, face thicker parts like broccoli outwards. Cut foods in the same size and shape that allow even cooking of the food. For example, you can cut potatoes and tomatoes in equal shape and size to reduce the cooking time.

When you use the small under counter microwave, make sure that you place a cover on the cookware. This will avoid splattering. Also, the cooking time will be reduced.

  1. Where To Set Up A Mini Microwave?

Where To Set Up A Mini Microwave

You need to follow some steps to set up a space-saving microwave or an 800-watt microwave.

First, you need to place the camping microwave on a dry and flat surface. The best option to place your microwave is a wooden counter. Do not place the microwave near the stove or any other electric appliance. The microwave air vents should not be blocked when you place them.

Check that the glass tray and roller ring are secure inside the microwave. A majority of the microwaves have a plastic roller ring with a round glass tray.

Next, you need to plug in a grounded wall outlet. The outlet should be 20 A. This will make it safe for you to use the mini microwave. It is best to use an outlet that is not being used by any other electric appliance.

Look for the features on your microwave. You will see numbers from 1-9. These numbers allow you to set up the cooking time as desired. There will also be a ‘Start’ button in the front portion of the microwave. Also, you will find a clock that can be set using the instruction manual.

  1. Power Consumption Of Mini Microwave

Power Consumption Of Mini Microwave

A microwave oven is a common appliance that is used for heating or cooking different kinds of foods. They make use of electromagnetic radiation to cook or bake. A regular-sized microwave will use up to 850-1800 watts. This also largely depends on the model that you use. On the other hand, compact microwaves use up to 500-800 watts. A modern smart mini microwave will use close to 1200 watts. While microwaves use energy to cook or heat food, they also consume 2-7 watts on standby mode.

This energy is used while waiting for a user command or to display the clock. You can consider unplugging the mini microwave to save some energy. You can find many mini microwaves online that consume low power. Also, if you wish to conserve energy, you can use the mini microwaves less frequently. Today, there are multiple settings available in the microwave that allow it to use lesser power than usual.

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