Being Creative With Wood? Essential Things You Need To Have


Creative Woodworking

Woodworking may mean different things to many people. Some consider this activity to exercise their creativity and relieve their stress at the same time, while others take woodworking seriously and make it as their profession. But, regardless if you’re an amateur or a professional in the woodworking industry, you need some must-have tools.

With the available tools for woodworking, it’s easy for you to feel overwhelmed. It’s also easy to spend lots of money on various woodworking tools. However, the tools for woodworking don’t have to be costly and elaborate.

You can start with the tools used for basic woodworking and invest in advanced tools, like, if you’re working on a complicated project.

Below are the essential things you need to have when woodworking:

Quality Workbench

No matter what your level of woodworking expertise is, it’s a must to invest in a high-quality workbench. You can buy one in the market, or you can create your own using plywood and 2x4s.

But, if you want to boost your woodworking experience, it’s a wise investment to get a professional-grade and a topnotch quality workbench that’s suitable for any woodworking project.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is also another useful tool for your woodworking projects. There are various brands available in today’s market, but each has a common feature, which is a circular or round blade that’s full of sharp teeth that cut wood easily.

Every circular saw uses electricity to operate and has different power ratings. The majority of circular saws are corded tools that run on household current, but there are also some cordless circular saws that you can consider depending on your preferences.


Although you can do your woodworking projects without a jointer, you’ll need one if you like to level up your woodworking expertise.

It works by flattening the board’s surface. Once you run the flattened surface against the fence of the jointer, it planes a straight edge and smooth ninety degrees to the surface.

Creative Woodworking Tools


Make sure to get decent sets of chisels for your woodworking jobs. Different sizes are made available in the market. Sizes from ¼” to 1/2″ chisels are ideal for beginners. Chisels with bevel-edged bench are the most versatile ones.

If you have different options for chisels, choose the ones with a metal cap and wood handle, which will provide you better grip and balance. The metal cap will also ensure that your chisel will withstand the mallet’s impact.

Screw Gun

When it comes to woodworking, screws are considered as best fasteners. These can hold woods tightly, which can be helpful when you’re building something that needs to be sturdy, such as a kid’s chair.

If you have the standard hand screwdrivers, it’s enough to help you with your woodworking projects. But, if you want to make driving screws simpler and faster, you can invest in an auto feed screw gun, which may come in handy when dealing with several screws.


In every woodworker’s toolbox, there’s always a place for a handsaw. It’s easy and simple to use for quick cutting work or where precision and detailed cuts are necessary.

The good thing about a handsaw is that it isn’t bulky, does not require batteries to run, and there is no cord to deal with. Aside from that, it’s very cheap, and you can bring it wherever you go.

Must Have Woodworking Tools


If you’re beginning with woodworking, you must invest in decent jigsaws. These are also known as saber saws due to their saber-like blade. Such power tools are made to make an intricate cut, which can be serpentine, straight, or curved. Just think of the lines in jigsaw puzzles – that’s how jigsaws can cut woods.

Unlike circular saws, jigsaws are different because they don’t have revolving blades. A jigsaw also cuts back and forth or in a down or up motion. The blades differ in composition and numbers of the tooth.

Other than wood, jigsaws are also useful for cutting plastic and metal.


There’s no universal hammer for woodworking. The claw hammer of a carpenter can be an excellent pounding tool, but there are also other kinds of hammers that you can use for your projects.

Woodworking Tools


There are other tools you need for several woodworking projects. Depending on your level of experience and expertise or whether you consider woodworking as a hobby, make sure to choose the tools that’ll benefit you most.

Never invest in woodworking tools that won’t be useful for your woodworking projects. These may cause inconvenience on your projects, especially if you don’t know how to use the tool properly.

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