Benefits Of A Cantilever Awning


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The awning is an extension attached to the exterior wall for numerous reasons, that can for using that spacing for sitting outdoors in the shade or for giving an aesthetic look. These awnings are available in different types of materials hence having various price ranges. Every material has its capacity to absorb solar intensity, as well as every material, give a unique outlook. So, it depends on the customer’s requirements. The location of an awning on a building may be above a window, a door, or above the area along a sidewalk. Awnings can be installed in a lot of ways, but the best way is to hang them on a cantilever beam. These cantilever awnings utilize a single column for assembly rather than the usual double column system. Industrial Awnings Sydney offers the best awnings and affordable rates. And this article aims to enlighten the advantages or benefits of installing a cantilevered awning.

  • Better Space Utilization

One of the most prominent advantages of these canopies is that they allow users a lot freer space for walking and sitting purposes. It’s understandable that the fact these awing uses a single beam to stand. Hence they utilize less space as compared to a double column. In addition to this, cantilever allows giving the entire setup an overall cleaner look. The utilization of cantilever is not just limited to household purposes, but they have a large commercial application. Consider installing these outside a warehouse; the newly created shade can now be used as a parking space. And if we go a step ahead, they can also be used as storage units. Allowing the user to park his valuable underneath the newly created shade. Doing this helps in saving a lot of capital, since building an entire storage unit is way more expensive than just installing a shade.

  • Outlook

Another prominent feature of this setup is the excellent outlook it adds to the building’s exterior. A cantilever system has a lot of architectural styles and stands out from a standard system. The system is a great way to have the function of covering the sidewalk and have a unique and distinct style all within the same system. Industrial Awnings has taken a set further to make sure the customer is satisfied with the finished product. The installation process must be effective so that the aesthetics of the cantilever beam are apparent. For this purpose, Industrial Awnings install these awnings in a way that this new addition or extension blends in with the exterior structure and gives a uniform outlook. Customized gutters are also attached with those already existing; this is primarily necessary to ensure no water gathers on swing top since that can cause structural damages

  • Costing

Cantilevered canopies require much larger concrete foundations than standard aluminum canopy systems. This is a result of all of the canopy load resting on one single column as well as the much larger moment created due to the large cantilever. Even though you are using fewer columns than a typical canopy system, the columns you are using for the cantilevered system must be much larger. Because of this, cantilevered canopies are often more expensive than other styles. Fortunately, they feature many benefits and will last for decades to come.

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