Benefits Of A Modern Bathroom Renovation


Modernize Your Bathroom

Are you looking for a new way to fall in love with your bathroom all over again? Perhaps a modern bathroom renovation can reignite the spark!

There are countless benefits of a bathroom renovation. It can seem a daunting task, yet in reality, it’s a great move for long term enjoyment. You have a space that is designed to your specifications and needs.

Any hidden problems can be easily repaired, too. Old plumbing can be replaced, while a daggy toilet can be swapped for a modern toilet suite. So don’t delay if you have dreams of a modern bathroom. There’s no better time than the present to renovate and enjoy the benefits!

Fix Existing Plumbing Problems

Often there are several elements in an old bathroom that need to be fixed or replaced. Perhaps there are hidden pipe leaks, dripping taps or faulty cisterns that don’t stop running. These are the kind of problems that normally get overlooked or slowly fixed.

However, a thorough renovation where you can essentially start from scratch provides an opportunity for success. And with the benefit of a flexible budget, you can tackle repairs big or small.

Always be sure to employ the services of a professional plumber for plumbing installations. The last thing you want is to create additional problems for the future. A compliant and regulated Bathroom refurbishment newham now will prevent oncoming headaches.

Increase Storage Options

One thing many bathrooms lack is good storage. There is just never enough space to cater for everyone’s toiletries or bathroom belongings. With the right layout and renovation, you can fix that by increasing the storage space on offer.

Great bathroom storage solutions include a brand new cupboard and shelves. Bathroom vanity storage is one popular option, while you can also install shelves or drawers with basket inserts.

Convenience is the most important aspect when it comes to storage. You want everything to be easily accessible but also safe. Enclosed cupboards are the best when kids are around, while drawers provide easy storage options for makeup and beauty products.

Boost Resale And House Value

The bathroom might not be the first room a potential buyer sees, but it’s the key to success. Modern aesthetics are something that everyone is looking for, from classy tiles to sleek colour palettes and increases usability—details matter.

In terms of a bathroom renovation, on average, you can recoup about 64% of the expenses.

As an average, it’s always important to consider your individual circumstances. A bathroom renovation in a 40-year-old home will have a far larger impact than in a 10-year-old home. A newer property may benefit from some decor upgrades rather than a full-blown renovation.

It’s also good to acknowledge that large scale luxury renovations might not be as beneficial as they seem. You’re more likely to recoup costs on a mid-range bathroom remodel.

Modern Bathroom Renovation

Modernize The Style And Decor

Sick and tired of your outdated decor? It’s time for a change. Embrace modern trends such as black and white subway tiles, brushed metal fixtures and faucets, or a concealed cistern. You can have a bathroom that is sleek, sophisticated and eye-catching.

It’s also easy to achieve this on a budget. Check out local bathroom outlet stores for offcuts or leftover sale stock. These are high quality, premium materials being sold for a bargain price. And when you can achieve a dapper look with attractive floor tiles or cabinetry, it’s easy to bring your modern bathroom to life.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Bathrooms are one of the best rooms in a house to maximise water savings and energy efficiency. Upgrading to water-efficient faucets, showerheads, and toilets can all benefit your utility bills and the environment.

Your decisions will be dictated slightly by local water efficiency regulations, such as those in the United States that focus on maximum allowable flow rates. Be sure to research thoroughly so you can make the most informed decisions.

With the right fixtures and fittings installed, you will be able to enjoy long term water savings. You could easily save upwards of $1,000 per year through water reductions and reduced energy consumption.

Create A More Practical Space

The best outcome of renovating your bathroom is the space and ease of usability. You have the choice of removing new features, perhaps a bathtub. Or, you can reinvigorate the space with an updated layout. The choice is yours.

Some of the top upgrade options include dual sinks – sometimes referred to as his-and-her sinks – so there is more space for couples and families. Sectioned bathrooms also allow for additional privacy. For example, someone can be showering while another person is on the toilet. Each space is defined and divided by a door with privacy.

Whatever your hopes, the goal should be to create a bathroom that is practical and stylish. There’s no need to put up with an awkward bathroom when you can renovate, redesign and modernize your bathroom.

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  1. It’s nice that you pointed out how the best outcome of renovating the bathroom is the space and ease of usability. Our bathroom looks a bit too old right now, so we are planning to renovate it soon. One of the things we need to ask first is definitely a bathroom sink refinish.


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