Benefits Of Fluoropolymer Coatings For Architectural Applications


Water Based Fluoropolymer Facade Coating
You may have heard of the term fluoropolymer coating and not realized it. More than likely you have come across the product on many occasions and not realized what it is called.

A fluoropolymer coating is a synthetic material; much like plastic. The compound is made up of lots of molecules with low mass; this is actually the dictionary description of a polymer. When you add fluoride to this polymer it becomes a fluoropolymer which has strong carbon fluoride bonds.

In real terms this translates as a product which does not allow others to stick to it easily. A good example is Teflon.

How This Affects Architecture

This mixture of chemicals has proven to be extremely useful to those in the construction industry.

They are now included in PDF coatings and even come in a spray on form; allowing them to be applied to a building after it has been completed.

The reason architects have become so keen on using fluoropolymer coatings, such as polyurethane coating; is because of these benefits:

  • Durable

Exterior walls in any property will attract a lot of grime and can be damaged by the constant changes in weather; heat, cold and rain all play their part in degrading the outside of a building. But; a fluoropolymer coating does not succumb to these traditional issues.

It is incredibly durable as dirt, debris and even water cannot stick to it.

  • Insulating

Architects are working hard to improve the insulation in buildings while keeping costs down. This is all part of the drive to preserve and protect our environment for future generations.

Anything made with this type of coating will offer an additional layer of insulation; keeping heat in and coolness out; or vice versa in the summer.

In planes and some buildings fluoropolymer coatings are used to cover electrical wires; reducing the risk of fires.

  • Water & Chemical Proof

A fluoropolymer coating is waterproof and chemical proof. The special make-up of this compound ensures that other items are unable to stick to or damage it. This allows it to be used on the outside of buildings while allowing the internal walls to breathe.

It can also help to ensure the building is kept free of chemicals which could affect your health.

  • Gas Impermeability

This type of wall covering is also impermeable to gas. This makes it an excellent choice when creating storm shelters and homes, or wind turbines and concrete structures. The fact that any form of gas is unable to pass through the fluoropolymer coating ensures that the internal environment can be precision controlled.

  • UV Radiation

These coatings have also been shown to resist the effects of UV radiation. They will not discolor over time which allows an architect to create a huge range of spaces and colors; safe in the knowledge they will look as good in ten years as they do today.


In fact, fluoropolymer coatings are used in many different industries and this use is likely to grow. The number of products created with this is increasing rapidly as the list of benefits increases; as does the ability to provide the coating in an array of colors.

This is why architects are showing an increasing level of interest in these coatings; and will continue to do so.


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