Benefits Of Having A Whirlpool Bath


Whirlpool Bath

Having your very own whirlpool bath can seem like a little piece of heaven at home. After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be fantastic to run your bath, turn on the jets and sink into a luxurious soak without having to leave the 4 walls of your sanctuary? You might think of a whirlpool tub as something that only the wealthy enjoy, but not only are they affordable, they’re also made in a variety of styles and sizes so that you can fit one into almost any space. Think about it. The convenience of home combined with all of the health benefits that a spa whirlpool would offer and the peace of mind knowing that it’s clean and ready every time you want to use it. The more often you use your tub for these benefits, the cheaper each session ultimately becomes; you’ve saved money that you would spend on far more expensive spa treatments or heading out to a public whirlpool.

Your Body And Mind Can Both Benefit From A Regular Session In A Whirlpool Bath.

  1. This is one of the key factors of a whirlpool bath, and you can enjoy a massage both from the swirling water as it laps against your body or from the jets themselves. Whirlpool tubs come with options for different jets in different places, and you can often adjust them depending on where you most need your muscles worked. Sore muscles are easily relaxed in a warm to a hot bath, but the action of water as it pulsates against knots only increases the ease with which your body loosens up.
  2. Since your pores open up with the application of warm or hot water, the pores all over your body will open and release oil and debris with a soak in a whirlpool bath. It’s the most efficient way to clean the skin on your entire body in one go.
  3. Clear blemishes. Not only will the heat of the tub cleanse pores, but it will allow for dilation of your blood vessels, improving circulation and the ability of your body to channel nutrients and oxygen. As a result, skin tone improves and is better capable of fighting off future blemishes. Regular whirlpool visits will also have the side effect of lessening the need and use of harsh chemicals to fight acne.
  4. Sitting in a regular bath can be very appealing, but think of all of the skin, debris, and oils that your skin releases and that you are now soaking in. Contrary to a regular bath, a whirlpool tub swirls and filters water as it goes, meaning that debris and skin flakes are constantly washed away. Having your own personal whirlpool tub also means that you can avoid any potential infections to pick up from a more public venue.
  5. Stress reduction. Think about it. You’re sitting in the wall-to-wall traffic after a day at the office, muscles tightening with every other delay. The very idea of a soak in the whirlpool bath when you get home can be enough to help you relax and de-stress. Stress is a terrible foe, and these days it’s hard to find anyone without their fair share, whether it is financial stress, family stress, employment stress; we’re regularly bombarded with issues that require attention and time. Stress can affect us emotionally; it can have a huge impact on our physical well-being. Having a whirlpool tub to sink into at the end of a day can help release stresses, improving our ability to relax tight muscles, ease headaches, acne (stress definitely shows up on our skin), improve proper appetite levels, and even helps low stress-related hair loss!
  6. Turn back time. Did you know that stress also affects how fast we age? Stress can bring about hormones that can speed the rate at which your skin and hair age. It can have a negative effect on your appearance, making you look tired and haggard. A soak in the whirlpool tub can help regulate those hormones by removing or lessening the trigger; stress.
  7. Not everyone fits comfortably into a standard tub. A whirlpool tub has more generous proportions meaning that you can more easily melt into the dimensions without feeling cramped.

Privacy and convenience. When things are conveniently located, we’re far more likely to make use of them. For example, regular sessions in your whirlpool bath are far more effective than the occasional trip that you may or may not make to the community pool or even your favorite spa.

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