Best 10 Ideas To Decorate Bedroom Walls With Splash Of Arts


Bedroom Walls Splash Art

“Do you want to give your room a creative and innovative touch? Follow these tips and learn how to decorate walls for bedrooms!”Many times we see that the spaces of our house become monotonous and boring, which makes us want to make changes. But are we sure that what we are looking for is in store? Discover these decoration ideas with common elements in the home and learn how to decorate bedroom walls on your own!

  1. Ladder As A Shelf

To give a touch of originality to the wall of your room with a splash of arts, the finest hermes wall art, as well as place a traditional ladder lying on a white background or light color tones. This will make it stand out and be eye-catching.

You can use this ladder as a shelf to hang your towel, accessories, and other items in your room. Add a couple of frames, ideal with black frames, and you’re good to go. This will add originality and make your bedroom wall decor look spectacular.

  1. Add A Twist Little of Splash Of Arts Painting

Planters are decorative elements par excellence. If you want to give life to the wall of your bedroom, place a shelf and three or four with scented plants on it. This option is ideal for filling empty spaces and adding a lot of color to the spaces.

In case you don’t like plants that much or don’t have time to take care of them, you can think about painting a few green leaves along the wall or can place a splash of art painting, which can help you create a natural feeling in your bedroom wall decoration.

  1. Pictures On The Wall

The key is to be original, which is why ignoring traditional rules a bit can bring us good results.

The paintings exist to occupy the space of the walls, but what happens if we play with their sizes and shapes? By placing several pictures of different sizes, you will create an eclectic and creative atmosphere that will look great on your wall. The decision of the paintings is yours, and you can put the ones you like the most!

  1. Christmas Lights On The Wall

This idea is amazing and looks good on both walls and windows first, because it lights up your room in a different way and, second, because it looks spectacular and very original.

Take several strings of lights or garlands and hang them back and forth on your wall or window. Try that, on the wall that you are going to occupy, there is a power outlet nearby, so it will be much easier to keep them connected and decorate bedroom walls.

Try to occupy the Christmas lights the rest of the days of the year or buy others separately, so as not to affect the decoration of this special date.

  1. Many Memories On The Wall

If like us, you love photos, you will love this idea. Take all the photos you have and make a collage of memories on your wall!

The key to this idea is to be consistent with the number of photos you have at your disposal. If there are many, you can spread them all over the wall, but if there are few, it will be better to delimit the space so that the wall decoration of your bedroom does not look empty.

  1. Posters On The Wall

This idea is perfect if you want to completely change your wall without painting it and also give your bedroom an original and rustic touch.

Find a poster that you really like, regardless of its material, and hang it along the wall. The great idea is to use tape so that the corners of the blanket are snug against the wall and don’t move.

The motifs of the poster can be whatever you want, from musical bands to cartoons. The idea is that you like it and enhance the decoration of the walls in your bedroom.

  1. Hang Your Photos With Hooks

We love photos because they decorate excellently and also remind us of wonderful moments in life! This idea works to display larger photos and looks spectacular in any type of bedroom.

Look for a stem that is large enough that it can be placed from side to side without being stressed. Then, find some designer hangers online and hang the photos that you like the most. This will give you a rustic, vintage, and very original feeling that will look perfect in the decoration of walls in bedrooms.

  1. Wall As A Task Organizer

Using the wall as a task organizer will definitely fix your life, and it will also look amazing in the decoration of bedroom walls.

First, look for a cork surface and lots of bed bugs. Then, locate reminders, post them, and other elements that you need to have present for the day.

You can also place photos, drawings, or whatever you want, as long as they can be inserted into the cork with the help of the thumbtacks. It is very easy fun and will make your wall decoration look simply spectacular.

  1. Paint Your Wall With Pastels

If you definitely feel like your wall needs more color, it’s time to paint! But not just one color. Follow these tips and get an original room, decorated and very colorful.

First, we are not going to paint the whole wall, just a part of it. After having well delimited the area of ​​the wall that will have color, we will have to divide it into rectangles of different sizes.

After we have this ready, we will paint each of the rectangles in very light pastel colors, each one a different shade. This will give dynamism and disruption to your wall without being radical in the decoration of the bedroom wall.

  1. Upholster The Wall

This is perhaps the simplest solution of all. You just have to focus on finding exactly what you are looking for from hundreds and hundreds of wallpaper designs that exist.

This material is very dynamic and functional due to its price and its high capacity for decorating spaces. Try to find styles that combine correctly with the furniture and bedding in the room so that there is uniformity and order.

Another good practice can be to paste a different style of papiz on each wall to generate a more important visual impact. Just try that the styles combine correctly and are not abrupt or very risky. This will guarantee the harmony and aesthetics of the bedroom walls that you are going to decorate.

Is everything ready to give life to your room? Apply all these ideas to bedroom wall decoration and give your spaces an innovative and creative touch!

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