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nUVo™ Traveler Personal UV-C Air Disinfector

Disinfecting your home or office atmosphere in 2022 is just as important as disinfecting your hands and staying away from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. There are always some bacteria, allergens, and pollen that can be found in the air, which can disturb our health on a routine basis. This is especially true for those who suffer from lung and respiratory health issues such as asthma and sinuses.

Adding an air purifier or an air disinfection machine can really improve the ambiance and the quality of the air around you in your home or even in your office, should you choose to keep one there as well. By reducing allergens, pollens, and things like mold spores, these devices provide an environment where you can breathe more freshly and freely.

When getting an air purifier, make sure to choose a size that works for your space and is also easy on the pocket as one air disinfection machine may not be enough for your complete home, and these devices aren’t exactly cheap per say. You will need to place one in each room that is being utilized, so you need something that serves the purpose but is also reasonable enough to add to your lifestyle and is sustainable.

To offer you some options, we have gathered a list of 3 of the best air purifiers that can make your home feel fresher and healthier. Without further delay, let’s get into it.

  1. Coway Airmega

This one’s effective and inexpensive! The Coway Airmega has been around for a while and has gone through several transformations to reach its present shape and features. This air purifier has the capacity to reduce heavy smoke pollution, pet hair, dust, and allergens in any room by up to 99.97%. And that is because of its 4 stage filtration system. This filtration system also helps get rid of any odors present within your premises.  It is available for purchase on Amazon for approximately $229, and you can find it in Walmart too.

The Coway Airmega offers a quiet operation and does not make any sounds. It even features a bright LED light that is powered by pollution sensors, which lets you know how clean or polluted the air within your home is. Not only that, but the device also features an auto-timer that lets your device power off automatically after 1, 4, or even 8-hour intervals. The device is energy-efficient too – if it does not detect any pollution within the home atmosphere for about 30 minutes, it automatically powers off then too.

  1. Winix Air Purifier

This one can drop particulates to zero in under an hour and keep it there! Winix has an exceptional performance when it comes to purifying small rooms and office spaces. Its Carbon Filter is made from carbon granular, which can remove any kind of odors from your home atmosphere. It also features what is known as PlasmaWave, which is a filter of sorts that can break down any odor, pollutants, and even chemical vapors in the atmosphere of a room.

Much like any air disinfector, the Winix can reduce pollutants from the air to up to 99.97% and within a span of 30 to 40 minutes thanks to its technology, hence leaving your room feeling lighter and easier to breathe in. This device is also smaller in size and can complement the interior of any space with a generic color selection. You can find it at Amazon, priced at $249.99.

  1. nUVo Traveler Personal UVC Air Disinfector

We find it to be the ultimate personal air disinfection machine that is suitable for practically anywhere, including homes, offices, cars, and even gym spaces. It is essentially travel-friendly, just as the name suggests! The nUVo is the perfect air disinfector for those that are always on the move throughout the day. It really purifies the air you breathe – anything within a 12-foot diameter of the device itself.

The nUVo can make 8 air changes per hour when it is carried in cars and 2 air changes every hour for every 500 square feet. The device also uses a filter-free technology, and it is said that this filter-free technology is what helps the nUVo to get rid of any bacteria, mold, and viruses, including that of SARS CoV-2 and any of its mutated variants. Filters can sometimes trap these pollutants and may require frequent cleaning as well. But the nUVo saves its users from having to purchase or replace filters and even cleaning them every so often.

You can find the nUVo Traveler Personal UVC Air Disinfector on FirstEnergy Home’s website for $279.

Air disinfectors and purifiers may seem like an expensive purchase but think of them as investments into your home. Especially with what this ongoing pandemic has taught us because catching airborne diseases are easy, and if these devices can keep us safe within our homes and workplaces, then why not? The above three are great options, so check them out today!

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