Best Denver Suburb – The Evergreen Experience!


Evergreen Experience:

Denver Suburb – The Evergreen Experience

This article is mainly for families trying to find the best Denver suburbs while moving to Denver, Colorado. The Evergreen experience might not be in the top 10 best places to live near Denver, but do not let this dissuade you as evergreen is a completely different place, and it gives off amazing vibes.

Why Is Evergreen The Best Place In Denver To Raise A Family?

The Evergreen experience is a small mountain town that makes it peculiar and a unique living experience. Homes here are situated on larger acres or lots and hurdled in a pine and aspen trees forest. This gives an amazing place and plenty of room for kids to play, adventure, and have fun. The population of evergreen is approx. 40,000 and it has grown in recent years due to the inundation of families moving here. Evergreen has a small town, which is great for raising a family because of its family-friendly features.

Standard Of Living:

The main reason; why families move here is that it has a better quality of life, and families can have a quality of time together, and children can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. Children can camp, ski, have afternoon hikes, and much more. Everything is easily accessible here, from canoeing, ice skating to horse riding.

Nature And Wildlife:

Evergreen is all intertwined with the beauty of nature and wildlife. It is lush green all year round with its exotic pine and aspen trees. There is a herd of about 1,000 elk that roam throughout evergreen.


Evergreen is about 2,000 feet higher than Denver and 7,200 ft in elevation. The temperature is chilly all year round. The temperatures are in the 70’s to low 80’s during summer. It is pleasant weather for outdoor activities. When it’s snowy weather, people log on to the fire, watch movies, and stay home. Evergreen is sunny mostly, so snow typically melts within a day or two.

Outdoor Activities:

The interesting thing about Evergreen is its outdoor activities that provide a great deal of joy to families. There are many activities:

  • Hiking and mountain biking
  • Ice hockey
  • Snow skiing


The community of Evergreen mainly comprises families or people who move here to enjoy the mountain lifestyle. The people here are friendly and fun-loving. Evergreen hosts many events such as the evergreen lake music festival, dam duck derby, chili cook-off, art festival, polar plunge, downtown trick or treat, rodeo parade, and other music festivals. Evergreen also hosts many sporting events like marathons, road biking events, and triathlon events.


Many other suburbs, including the holly hills suburb of Denver, but the Evergreen experience remains at the top. It is a peaceful and wonderful place to enjoy. The weather is pleasant for outdoor activities. People enjoy the beautiful landscape of the mountains. People enjoy boating, canoeing, and shopping too. Evergreen has the best restaurants that including Murphy’s Mountain Grill, Switchback Smokehouse, Willow Creek Restaurant, etc. In short, it is a great place to relax away from the city center.

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