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A career in interior design is a dream for many where their heads are filled with fantasies of many happy families delighted by the makeover an interior designer has given their homes. The road to that career does take time, though, and going to a good interior design school is a huge plus.

The best way to ensure success at a design school is to make sure that you are ready for every test and exam, which means getting all of the help you can get, as prepscholar review suggests. Here are the best interior design websites that offer tutoring and test prep:


Short for the Council for Interior Design Qualification, this would be the first site that you would want to check out and take a look at for lots of great resources. There are the expected good tips here, like staying calm and resisting over-thinking questions, but this website has a lot more than just basic test prep tips.

What is the most helpful here is some good advice from the experts, a link to study groups specifically for the NCIDQ, and the exam blueprints. Yes, that does mean that they have the documents that the exam, itself, is going to be based on. This includes fundamentals, professional, and practicum blueprints. Take advantage of these resources, especially.

If that’s not enough, don’t worry, there’s more. This site also includes the exam building codes, exam reference list, and there’s even practice quizzes for those looking to get the highest mark possible. Generally, this is probably the best online site to go to for aids in the preparation and finding tutoring.

Vocational Training HQ

This is a more general site that does its best to help people who are looking to do some preparation in just about any field of study. Luckily, they do have a page dedicated to those looking to become professional interior decorators.

This site does include a full interior design practice exam, which is a great way of getting ready for a test, but unfortunately, this is all they offer. A good tip, like closing your eyes and taking three deep breaths before starting an exam, won’t be found here! The test does have fifty questions, though, making it a good exercise.

Interior Design Programs


Qpractice is a neat little website that has a lot to offer a studious interior designer. This organization offers professionals who can help aspiring students out, and they do offer programs to help design students to study and pass the NCIDQ.

This does appear to have some good tips available for future designers, like adopting good time management, acknowledging your weaknesses and focusing your time there, and of course, doing practice tests.

This site also claims to have people available to help future interior designers who have passed the NCIDQ and are available to guide people towards achieving the same goals. Pretesting is heavily emphasized here and is touted as being responsible for increasing scores on the exam.

Indeed, studies have shown that practice tests are a good check and balance to traditional studying. It is a good idea to do practice exams as people believe that having studied for a test is all that they need to do in most cases, and that tends to lead to a false sense of security.

It’s a practice test that puts all that studying to use before the actual exam. This frequently results in people suddenly realizing that they had weaknesses in their coverage of the topic that they were unaware of. It also tends to show them that they might not be ready for certain questions or problems due to their structure.

All in all, there may not be dozens of tutoring aids and preparation for interior design students available. Still, these few places do know what they’re doing and are a good resource for any interior designer to have at their disposal.

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