Best Designer Radiators For Open Living Rooms


Open living rooms are great for hosting family and friends, allowing for an exceptionally accommodating space that you can relax in. However, the larger the room, the more difficult it may find to heat it optimally. As radiators are primarily purchased with the intention of heating your home, sometimes it’s also good to add a little style. No more are the days of simply buying a radiator to keep things warm. You should see your radiator as a home interior feature, allowing your creativity to flow as you style out your room.

So, what can be done to accommodate both of these needs? Thankfully, we have the option. Follow this guide and find out more about the best designer radiators for open living tooms today.

Column Horizontal Radiators

Column Horizontal Radiator

Column horizontal radiators can either add a traditional or contemporary aesthetic to your room without having to compromise on the heat output. Depending on what colour or style you choose, you can make your room into a Victorian-esque sitting room or a modernised, open-plan space to relax. Column radiator can either be made of stainless steel, aluminium, or copper, allowing you to choose the finish you desire, with each material allowing for different levels of heat emission. Add a feel of luxury to your open plan living room with a column radiator and combine style and functionality today.

Vertical Radiators

Column Vertical Radiator

Vertical radiators are exceptional, modern, highly popular heating appliances installed in the homes of many stylish homeowners. As they do not take up much space in terms of length, this allows you to fill your room with any other functional or decorative pieces of furnishing, allowing you to design your room your own way without compromising. Available in a range of styles and colours, vertical radiators are a must-have for your new stylish open plan living room, so why wait! Purchase yours today and add those finishing touches to your home.

Chrome Radiators

Chrome Radiator

Available as either horizontal or vertical radiator models, chrome radiators are, quite literally, heating appliances that shine. In an open plan living room, you can add a variety of different chrome finished radiators, reflecting the light in the room and making your already bright space shiner even more! Chrome radiators are easy to maintain, clean with a wipe, meaning no streaks need remain., If a mirrored radiator is your kind of thing, purchase a reflective radiator today and enhance your home.

Low Surface Temperature Radiators

Low Surface Temperature Radiators

LST radiators are the ideal options for homeowners with vulnerable people living there. The last thing you want is your children getting accidentally burnt when they’re playing in your open plan living room. These allow for a low surface temperature with their protective casing, meaning that you can relax while those in your home enjoy themselves, carefree.

If your space is big enough, why not combine different designer radiators? This will really attract the eyes of your guests as they look upon your new home interior, kitted out with the very finest heating appliances that money can buy.

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