Best Exterior House Color Combinations & Schemes


Best Exterior House Color Combinations

A beautiful and comfortable house is a dream for everyone. An airy, spacious house where you find comfort and forget about everything else. This is what everyone wants to come back to after a hectic day at work. White ceilings, glass partitions, and wooden floors enhance the simplicity of a place and make it more appealing. However, with drab exterior and badly painted walls, any beautiful house can turn into a nightmare. Dark and dreary colors with climate changes, green fungus, and molds that can start growing on any poorly kept wall can ruin the overall look for the house. This is the reason just before selling a house, the whole house is either painted, or the exterior is renovated. In case you are trying to sell your house and can’t seem to find a good seller, this is the first thing that you should do before getting the cost estimate for the house.

For the exterior, you can add a fresh color that is solid yet doesn’t absorb the effect of the weather so easily. An exterior paint job is not just done for change; it works as an important investment because it will change the whole vibe of your home. The Right color, right base, and right texture will give a new life to your house. Here are a few suggestions that you must try if you are looking for a change.

Basic Gray

Basic Gray House Color Scheme

Gray is a shade that never gets old; it doesn’t absorb the impact of the outside weather and adds a great accent to walls. Light gray walls with black or white accents to accentuate the overall look makes it stand out and still make it look neat and tidy. If you want to use dark gray, this can cause the walls to pop with a little darker shade on sides. If you add a bright color door, this will make it stand out even more.

Light Beige

Light Beige House Color Scheme

If there is one color that never gets old, it is defiantly beige. It makes the whole lace look airy, spacious while making it neutral. Paired with white, a little darker outlines, white shutters, and a clean front door makes it perfectly clean. Even if we see a movie or drama, we can still see that almost all the houses are painted beige. If you want to add an accent just to accentuate the features, you can also add a colorful front door, railing and window panes.

Fresh Green

Fresh Green House Color Scheme

If there is one color that can add life to a picture or even a place that’s defiantly green. Adding green makes a house look natural and fresh without making it boring. This a non-neutral color that is bold enough to make a statement, yet it is not over the top. If paired with a contrasting gray or a white, this color scheme can make any home look like a garden.

Navy Blue

Navy Blue House Color Scheme

Blue is another non-neutral yet bold color that makes the house prominent yet doesn’t make it stand out in a bad way. If you have a red front door, the navy blue color of the exterior will make it pop, and you will have a wonderful entrance sight. With perfect strokes of light blue and white, your house will be something straight out of the movie screen.

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