Best Fabrics For Home Interior


If you ever had to furnish a house or a flat, you know that it is not only furniture and accessories that matter. Choosing proper textile is the same important part of making your living space cozy: picking the comfy sofa or a kitchen table.

And even if you are not going to refresh your home interior, we would recommend you learn more about the most suitable fabrics that can be used for your homeware.

Window Curtain

What Fabrics To Use

Let’s agree, choosing a proper material for our living-room curtains or the bedsheets, tablecloths, etc., can make the whole impression from the room totally different.

And it is not only about the quality and price of the material that is used.

The texture of the fabric and its pattern, the same as its characteristics and how it feels to the touch – everything matters when deciding what will be in constant contact with us daily and what will become a part of our life.

We can offer you several natural and human-made materials that are most widespread and appreciated today to introduce you to the major home decoration trends.

  1. Silk

Classy, soft, and cool to the touch, this smooth material will make any room look posh and stylish. It is rather versatile and can be used for bed linen and upholstery, and even curtains. Nevertheless, consider that silk wrinkles easily, and besides, this material is very predisposed to spotting and needs a lot of care.

White Textile

  1. Rayon

This material can be called a substitution for silk since it is the same smooth and soft. The only distinction is that it is rather sturdy. Besides, rayon gets wrinkles quickly. Consider this when choosing new curtains or upholstery!

  1. Cotton

All-natural, durable and light material, cotton is loved for being pleasant to the skin and breathable. It is easy to maintain, it is cheap, and besides, this fabric is truly versatile: cotton can be found in towels, napkins, linens, upholstery, and many more homeware items!

  1. Polyester

The right choice if you want something long-lasting, easy to maintain, and stain-resistant.

  1. Nylon

This durable material will be handy for curtains or upholstery, especially considering how affordable it is.

  1. Wool

Natural wool is not only warm and soft, but this fabric is also completely safe for your health, unlike artificial materials that use chemicals for producing them.

A woolen rug or a blanket will add classiness and grace to any home and interior.

Natural Wool

  1. Velvet

For many years, velvet was considered to be quite an uncomfortable fabric for interior use. However, recently its popularity grew incredibly, and now velvet items from pillowcases to curtains are very trendy!

Things To Consider When Buying A Fabric For Your Home

Choosing a proper material for your home is not that simple as it can seem at first. Many things must be taken into account, from each room’s general color palette to the owner’s individual preferences.

That is why knowing what to pay attention to when choosing a fabric can help you a lot if you decide to refresh your interior look.

  • Combine Colors Correctly

Color creates the mood, so picking the right shades will influence the whole appearance and atmosphere of the room greatly, remember that. Take into account that the colors of the walls, upholstery, and curtains need to pair well.

  • Consider The Textures

Having too many colors in the same room can make it look chaotic and not cozy. That is why, if you decide to use the minimum of shades, try to play with the textures and patterns. For instance, for the room with bare walls, pick up the patterned curtains or upholstery/carpets.

  • Price

The last but not least thing is the pricing. Tight on budget? Then you’d better stick to more affordable materials like cotton or polyester/nylon/rayon. Have enough cash for allowing yourself a bit more? Then try out more luxurious fabrics, for instance, silk or wool.

Don’t be afraid to play and mix things. Finally, you are creating your own private space, and you need to feel comfy there.

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