Best Friends Forever: Monica’s Apartment Through The Decades


You watched Friends, right? Of course. Everybody remembers those bold characters and their defining traits: the funny ones, the stupid ones, one that was kooky, one who was a nerd, The One With Nice Hair, and the house-proud one. It may be the house-proud one, Monica E. Geller, that you’re thinking of today as you consider how to re-style your apartment: because Monica’s New York pad was a pretty snazzy place.

It was also a pretty roomy abode, which means it’s a great way to get a clear look at just how different styles would have looked there. That’s just what the folks at Angie’s List have done with this new set of illustrations showing how Monica’s apartment may have looked in different decades.

Monica's Apartment 1920s

The 1920s version is perhaps the closest to Monica’s 1990s vision since she seemed to have been inspired by the art deco trend that got so big between the wars. The gold frames and furniture detail of this artist’s rendering certainly recall the bendy gold frames we associate with the Friends aesthetic today.

Monica's Apartment 1930s

1930’s Monica may have gone more Scandi-chic, opting for natural materials and simple, rustic furniture. Her taste for garish colors is maintained through the bright green wood-burning stove – both traditional and modern-looking.

It’s a sad story in the 1940s as the Friends boys are all conscripted to go and fight in World War II. But good news: that means Monica can finally get that polished wood floor she’s dreamed of.

Monica's Apartment 1950s

The 1950s was an optimistic moment during which manufacturers and big stores began to crank the lever on the nation’s deepening pockets. Bright-colored furniture was a way to tell the world you’re doing alright, and you’re here to stay.

Monica's Apartment 1960s

The 1960s took it one (giant) step further with a contemporary twist on the modern designs of the post-war era. The colors were psychedelic (baby), and the shapes became other-worldly.

Monica's Apartment 1970s

The designers of this new set of images have spared us the full horror of 1970s interiors, wisely imagining that Monica would select some bold, bright colors and save the patterns for just one aspect of the apartment: in this case, the wallpaper.

Monica's Apartment 1980s

And finally, the 1980s, while Courtney Cox was busy “Dancing in the Dark” with Bruce Springsteen, Monica turned to Miami Vice to inspire her color scheme. Turquoise and pink may go in, and out of fashion, but with plenty of wood to neutralize the theme, there’s no reason why those shades can’ brighten your apartment for a few years before they need painting over.

Which decade will you turn to when you decorate your place?

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