Best Home Bar Designs For The Mixologist Host


It seems like every good story starts with a drink in a bar. Social life and a good drink go together better than salt and pepper. Having a place to mix your cocktails and margaritas means a lot more social opportunity for you. A home bar is something every socialite aspires to, and having a place to grab your gin and tonic, makes having to go out for a drink a thing of the past. If you’re one of the people who can’t stop thinking about creating their customized home bar, then this article is a guide on the best home bar designs for the mixologist host.

Stocked Bar with State-of-the-Art Backlights Made of LED

Backlights Made of LED

This popular design from Kelly and Co makes for an outstanding, elegant, but simplified bar design that gives anyone that sophisticated look without going over the top. The barn theme that the entertainment bar has will exude that ambience of rustiness that many people who dig organic features would surely like. With the black granite countertop infused with a stunningly black zinc bar top, this bar design will impress a lot of guests and make for a good conversation starter.

The LED backlighting illuminating the entire kitchen countertops will also exude an elegant, and subtle, luminous feel to the whole block design, completing the modern but rustic look of the bar. The essential features of a home bar are still here, though, such as wine fridge, refrigerator, and the keg tap. The ample storage in this design will entertain a massive number of guests, perfect for those large parties you’re dreaming of having.

Basement Bar

Basement Bar

This second design for a home bar we list here will have the intention to maximize the space in the basement. The custom bar in this design starts with maximizing the stair treads colours and blending it thoroughly with the colour options of the home bar.

The wood finish in the stairs can also complement or accent the light grey colour theme of the hotel bar. Adding a glass subway tile to the entire basement keeps the design pattern of the bar also simple and yet functional. It is also the intention of this design to keep the bottles organized in the most accessible way, and so open shelving under kitchen countertops is the key feature in this design.

Corner Bar

Corner Bar

Use your home’s nooks and crannies to your advantage here. A corner bar probably won’t be extensive or have the most storage space, but it is certainly efficient. A corner bar can be placed almost anywhere, from a corner in the dining room. To a small area off the kitchen, or even a corner behind the entertainment room. Use a kitchen island style countertop and use this stand-alone space to store your drinks and mixings. A mini-fridge is a great option for quick installation and keeping your fresh ingredients on-hand.

Another option for your corner bar is merely making it mobile. Use a cart to move your home bar from room to room. You can use it to quickly stock up in the kitchen and bring it out to rooms for entertaining.

In conclusion: there’s more than one design you can do for your ideal home bar. With this guide, you can now achieve that home bar you dream of today.

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