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Follow Best Home Interior Designers On Twitter

The main power of social media is the fast and furious spread of information about everything in the world. Therefore, many people search for valuable tips on their favorite platforms, and Twitter is no exception. Here, you can easily find a specialist in any industry, and if they have at least 500 Twitter followers, you should consider them skilled enough to reach that number with their work. In this article are gathered top profiles of home interior designers that you totally need to follow if you are working on the project of your dream home.


This is the most known and respected account dedicated to the topic of home design on Twitter. This account belongs to the magazine, and here you will lay your hand on the pulse of a designer’s life: interesting articles, inspiring pictures, and the hottest trends of the industry.


This account belongs to the CEO of Modenus – a popular website that is dedicated to designing. Veronica Miller perfectly combines her personal tweets and professional recommendations for her audience. She keeps her engagement high with a cheerful personality and wit.


Of course, one of the top design portals in the United Kingdom cannot leave such a lively platform as Twitter unattended. Here the portal increases their reach, posting links to fresh articles and other helpful information. Users will discover tons of beautiful images and videos about home interior design, along with valuable tips.


People who are involved in the industry surely know about the excellent website The portal offers many inspiring articles and tips for people who want to make their living space a masterpiece. Design enthusiasts can collect many creative ideas to use for their projects as well.


This account also belongs to a successful interior-themed magazine. The Twitter account is mainly used to announce and redirect their followers to the website and other blogging platforms. Also, on this page, you may find recommendations for your home design and lifestyle.


Pippa is a talented interior designer herself, and she uses Twitter as one of the prominent platforms for communicating and engaging her audience. In addition, Pippa gladly shares other personalities from the industry, helping her followers find a perfect match.


This Twitter account belongs to the decor store, and here customers can see the latest news about upcoming sales, see top items and check out new trends. My Deco also hosts a blog on their site and eagerly shares those in their Twitter feed, educating their audience in retro style. They post new information daily!


This profile is dedicated to decorating and enhancing flats and apartments (not all people prefer living in a house). Readers can discover here not only cool and handy items for their homes but also planning and organization ideas. From Twitter, you can easily access their Tik Tok and other social media.


This guy is a well-known celebrity in the industry of interior design in the United States. He hosts TV shows, creates product lines, and helps other people redo their houses into dream homes. On Twitter, Thom regulates his community thoroughly to maintain a healthy atmosphere and avoid floods in his tweeting, so you have to be approved for reading his tweets.


Carole King is one of the Heart Home magazine headliners, and she is also the author of a popular blog, Dear Designers. On Twitter, Carole usually shares content she considers the most valuable and interesting to her readers and always shares a link to her new post in the blog.


The prominent design magazine that spreads the influence over Canada. The authors share handy articles, reveal the hottest interior trends, and discuss home styles with a good dose of wit and cheer. Along with design tips, Style At Home loves updating their feed with valuable household hacks that should make your life easier.


These interior influencers are based in India. On their Twitter feed, you can discover new stunning designs, headshaking architecture, and unique items to decorate your home every day. Follow them to explore recent trends and top lists of items you might need for your home.


Abigail Ahern is a famous UK interior stylist. She is known in the industry for her outstanding and striking ideas that break the rules and pronounce individual matches for each item in your household. Abigail combines professional tweets and reposts with her insights, proving that she is fascinating and competent.


If you are a fan of the shabby chic style in interiors, you should definitely check out this Twitter profile. The author shares ideas and trends in this style, and she also sells on Etsy specific items that suit it. So follow ShabbyNChic for creating a dreamy home.


On Twitter, Rohini reveals her personal life and inspires her readers with her lifestyle and interior ideas. She is a journalist, and she has a blog where she examines and predicts new trends and encloses her opinion about items and designs she sees.

If you wish to become a Twitter influencer in the industry of home decor and design too, here are some valuable tips for you:

  • Don’t be afraid of competition. Having your vision for things and expressing it online will always find a reader, and it is a known fact that people often follow many influencers from the same niche – they will find a place in their feed for you too.
  • Be consistent. The lifespan of a post on Twitter is less than 20 minutes, so it is essential to demonstrate a regular online presence. Besides, you have to be involved in communication on this platform a lot, so you have to visit your profile constantly.
  • Follow new trends and prominent accounts of the niche. To keep up with the industry, you must constantly check out the fresh buzz around it. Be one of the first to report and discuss new information, and you will meet glory as readers will tend to check your account firstly.
  • Make your impact stronger with visuals. Although Twitter is a text-based platform, images and videos play a huge role in your growth. Pictures make your posts more visible to the audience. They attract attention and complete the thought you wanted to deliver in your tweet.
  • Use the right hashtags. And create your own to nurture a community and make your presence on Twitter genuinely beneficial for you. Using hashtags, you help the network algorithms and users, too, to categorize your content properly and make it accessible for the public, which is really interested in the industry.
  • Mix personal and professional themes in your feed. Twitter is social media, and people want to meet other people here. To motivate your decisions and share inspirations to find readers who will resonate with you.


As we can see, most of the influencers in the sphere of home interior design are magazines and established bloggers, who often co-work with these magazines. However, Twitter certainly has room for new faces who can break the competition and bring out fresh ideas, driving users’ attention to them.

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