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Elderly Friendly Home

Safety is always a top priority for the elderly population. As we age, our mobility decreases, and our vision worsens, and this can put us at risk of having an accident.

It’s not just public areas that are a cause for concern when it comes to the safety of an elderly person. Their home may have some hidden risks that could lead to a slip and fall.

It’s important that elderly individuals maintain as much independence as possible. When they are able to perform the activities of daily living without requiring additional support, it boosts significantly improves their quality of life.

There are lots of great pieces of technology that make daily living much easier for seniors. Home modifications can make transport around the house much easier for your elderly family members and enables them to live independently.

If you have a senior family member and you’re concerned for their safety, here are some of the best modifications to consider for their home.

Assistive Seating

Using assistive seating makes it easy for your elderly loved one to get in and out of their chair. A lift chair recliner has an electric or self-powered seat that can be lifted and dropped using a remote control.

The back of the chair slowly lifts, and the seat tilts forwards to help them get into a standing position safely. Being able to stand up independently is an important aspect of elderly living, and this assistive device provides the perfect solution to prevent overexertion from maneuvring in and out of the chair.

These chairs come in a range of colours, sizes, and designs, so you can find a style that suits your elderly relative perfectly. They are affordable and extremely comfortable, perfect for hours of relaxation. If you want to take it a step further, you can also invest in a stand assist bed, which works with a similar mechanism.

Smart Home Technology

There is a wide variety of smart devices that you can install in your relative’s home. Each of these devices provides amazing benefits for senior citizens. Whether they reduce the need for your loved one to get out of their chair or enhance their safety and security, smart home technology is a must-have!

Here are some great pieces of smart technology to consider getting for your senior family member.

Smart Doorbells

A smart doorbell comes with an in-built camera and a two-way speaker. This enables your elderly family member to see who is at their door and communicate with them before letting them into the house. Smart doorbells also come with the option of customizable ringtones, which can deter potential intruders.

Automatic Lighting

Automatic lighting uses a motion sensor to activate the lights when your loved one gets up out of their seat. This keeps their home well-lit, so they don’t fall in the dark.

Voice-Controlled Speakers

Voice-controlled speakers reduce the need for your loved one to get up and adjust the speakers manually. Instead, they can remain comfortably in their chair and activate the radio using their voice.

Smart Security Systems

Smart security systems are useful to keep your elderly relative safe. They come with a range of CCTV cameras and alarms to alert the surrounding neighbours if anybody tries to intrude.

Home security systems can be synced to an app on your phone, so you can keep an eye on your relative at all times to make sure they are safe.


Sometimes, even one or two steps can be difficult for elderly people to navigate, particularly if they struggle with balance.

To make things easier for your relative, you can get a small ramp installed by their front door. Doing so reduces the risk of them falling as they go in and out of their home. You can do the same for their back door too.

Indoor and outdoor ramps may be necessary if your loved one uses a wheeled walking aid or a wheelchair. These ramps will ensure a smooth transition from one area of their home to the next.

Usually, indoor home ramps are made out of rubber to be easily moved and adjusted as and when necessary. Outdoor ramps will be made out of a sturdier, more weather-proof material.

Ramps can be permanent or temporary. Most commonly, outdoor ramps are fixed against front door frames as a permanent feature, and indoor ramps are mobile.

Whether you’re getting outdoor or indoor ramps installed in your elderly relative’s home, they are an effective way to reduce the risk of falls and keep your loved one safe at home.

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