Best Home Water Softeners To Complete Your New Place


Water is an essential element of life that no living creature can survive without. Even for humans, it’s responsible for keeping us hydrated and cool throughout the day. Scientifically, water isn’t just composed of water alone. Many dissolved minerals come along in a glass of water. For instance, each water serving may contain from 1 to more than 120 milligrams per liter of magnesium.

Though the minerals found in water are usually harmless and beneficial to your health, having mineral-dense water running through your pipe fixtures can sometimes be more bothersome than advantageous. Hard water can eventually accumulate in your plumbing system. A company that provides a water softener Woodbury MN is a prime witness to how much money people spend on repairing their plumbing system because of the mineral buildup. To resolve this problem, homeowners are encouraged to install water softeners in their new home.

Many types of water softeners can help your home become a better place to live in. Some water softener providers focus more on improving the physical aspect of your health. In contrast, the others veer towards providing you water that leaves no traces of minerals that can contaminate your appliances. 

But which type of water softener do you need? Read on to find out. 

Salt-Free Water Softener 

Salt-Free Water Softener

Installing a salt-free water softener in your home is useful for people who wish to limit their sodium intake. A salt-free water softener is not only easy to find; its function as a chemical-free water softening system also makes it a favorable choice for those who wish to live a greener lifestyle.

A salt-free water softener can also help provide you better quality water for showering. The lack of sodium in water has a less drying effect on your skin and will not weigh your hair down as much. Your appliances may also degrade at a slower pace because rust will take longer to form if salt isn’t present in the water you use to clean. Moreover, its simple but highly effective water filtration system makes it a cost-effective investment. 

Reverse Osmosis Water Softener

Reverse Osmosis Water Softener

Even though water softeners are relatively new to the market, many people are installing one in their home because of the numerous health benefits that it offers. A reverse osmosis water softener works by forcing the water through the filtration system and removing the unwanted minerals often present in tap water. These include minerals that provide little to no nutritional value or are too solid for consumption.

According to Medicine Plus, people who suffer from diseases like cancer or illnesses that compromise your immune system should only drink water that has undergone purification. Without the assurance that the tap water you drink is free of contaminants, you put yourself at risk of further infection. Thus, reverse osmosis water filters are the best option for you if you’re focused on having purified water for drinking. 

Ion Exchange Water Softener 

Ion Exchange Water Softener 

How an ion exchange water softener works is easy to understand. It works by removing the unwanted minerals of water and exchanging them with ions. Homeowners who wish to preserve their new house’s plumbing fixtures and appliances can install this type of water filter in their home.

An ion exchange water softener prevents hard water buildup from faucets and other objects that require regular cleaning. It also helps you save money as your daily soap consumption is reduced. Because of the lack of mineral accumulation on your appliances and kitchenware, these objects become easier to clean.

Furthermore, if you’re using a water softener to filter your water for laundry, your clothes can appear more vibrant. Minerals can get trapped in between the fabrics of your clothes. Your clothing will appear less dull without such an issue and won’t require to be washed as frequently as before.


There are different types of water softening systems available in the market these days. Because of its proven benefits to your health and environment, many people purchase one as an addition to their home’s list of essentials. To find the best type of water softener for your new home, you must first evaluate its pros and cons.

Though all water softeners work by supplying safer and cleaner water to drink and use, your chosen water softener should still be the kind that can provide benefits that you can thoroughly utilize. If you wish to preserve the quality of your home, appliances, as well as give your loved ones purer water to consume, then there’s no doubt that a water softener can provide all that.

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