Best Janmashtami Decoration Ideas 2022 For Your Home


Krishna Janmashtami

Krishna Janmashtami is the annual birth celebration of Lord Krishna, who is the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. The Krishna devotees celebrate this day with full enthusiasm and love. The temples and houses are lit with diyas and decorated with flowers, and a competition called Dahi handi is organized. The pandits, along with the devotees, chant the hymns of Lord Krishna and dance along. This is how Janmashtami is celebrated all around India and some other parts of the world.

Today we bring you some interesting decoration ideas for your home for the celebration of Janmashtami and welcome lord Krishna to your homes.

Welcome, Lord Krishna:

If you are going to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami for the first time this year, you can bring in his idol, which is made of natural marble or brass material. When you bring in his idol, do not forget to bring the shingar material along with it, that is, the dress and other accessories.

Nowadays, houses are not as big as they used to be earlier, and if you do not have a mandir at home, you can set one corner of your room for decorating and placing lord Krishna’s murti.

Janmashtami Decoration For Mandir:

Many houses have a separate place as a mandir home where they can place the idol of gods. You can bring home the idol of Lord Krishna this year and decorate your mandir just like a Dulhan with flowers. To decorate it in an innovative way, you can place handing matca, lamps, and diyas. As we already know, the peacock feather is the symbol of Lord Krishna, and you can also place it behind Krishna’s idol or near his head. If you want to keep it safe and avoid using diyas inside the house, then you can choose to place electric diyas and wired lights as available in the nearby market.

  1. Jhula Decoration:

Lord Krishna

As we know, babies are kept in jhulas, and similarly, Lord Krishna is also welcomed while placing him in a jhula. This is the most exciting and wonderful way of decoration. It is not essential that you have a big jhula. You can also have a small jhula and place a mini idol of Lord Krishna. If you do not want to buy a jhula from outside, then you can also make it yourself with a cardboard box, fabric, or other material. You can find several videos over the internet to build a jhula.

  1. Theme Decoration:

Brass Material

You can decorate the house or mandir on the bases of the birthplace of Lord Krishna. You can recreate the birthplace of Lord Krishna, like Mathura or Vrindavan. Display pitchers of rasleela, put green plants and shrubs, and also cardboard cutouts of cows. Take the ideas by searching them on the internet about Vrindavan.

  1. Miniature Decoration:

Dahi Handi

The miniature decoration is the best idea for decorating small mandirs. In case you do not have a mandir, you can also do the miniature decoration on a table as it won’t occupy much space. If you choose a table, you can even wrap the base with a complex and lovely cloth. Add diyas and candles to the table or holy plate that you use as the base. Make sure you have enough vermilion and flowers for the rites. The miniature decoration looks attractive and also grabs everyone’s eyes. Children would also love to look at it.

  1. Decorate Home Entrance:

Do not just restrict the decoration to your pooja ghar; you can also spread it to the other sections of your home, including the entrance. To decorate the entrance of your home, you can use flowers and diyas and also lamps. You can place long leaf plants near the doors, collaborating them with peacock feathers indicating the festival of Janmashtami as peacock feathers represent Lord Krishana. Handi can be another option for you to place above your door.


We hope these ideas will help you to decorate your home for the first time or for a number of times during the celebration of Janmashtami at your home. I would personally suggest you try miniature decorations this Janamashtami to make it a little different from previous years. Wishing you a very happy Janmashtami 2022!

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