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Deck Builder

Installing or replacing your deck offers many advantages. In addition to combining indoor and outdoor living, it also increases home value. A carefully chosen deck also provides fantastic durability, as well as added aesthetic appeal. So you can host summer barbeques and family get-togethers in style.

Adding a deck can also be a significant investment. The cost of installing a deck can be as much as 80 percent of the total investment, but you can increase your return on investment by up to 90 percent with the right decking materials. Only choose the best materials for your deck to maximize the ROI.

While envisioning your new deck is the first step, constructing and installing one is the hard part. Homeowners attempting this home improvement project severely underestimate the amount of time, expertise, and money needed. A deck builder can simplify the process, being worth every cent spent on their service.

Still not convinced? Below is a comprehensive guide on why hiring a professional is a far better choice than DIY.

It’s Harder Than it Looks

Building a deck requires a certain level of expertise, which can prove time-consuming to learn by yourself. A professional deck builder knows how to make your deck and select the right materials for the job. A deck requires to focus on three specific areas:

The Design Of your Deck

Depending on your intentions, the design of your deck will vary considerably. Are you planning to have your deck appear as a standalone, separate from your home? Or will your dream deck blend seamlessly with your property and landscape? While this depends on preference, it may affect home value and ultimately what buyers want. An experienced deck builder can advise you on the best trends today, simultaneously considering functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Building Codes

During any remodeling project, planning permission and permits are required before you get the go-ahead. There are multiple construction codes to follow, depending on your area. When hiring professional deck builders, they will acquire the necessary permits on your behalf.

Choosing The Right Materials

Is material choice based on affordability, durability, level of maintenance, or aesthetical appeal? Homeowners can be left undecided on what materials are best for their needs. Each deck comes with its pros and cons. For example, PT lumber is a cost-effective option that’s readily available from coast to coast. But when exposed to different weather conditions, it can shrink, crack, split, and warp.

Alternatively, tropical wood is incredibly dense but is more expensive and doesn’t stain very well. A deck builder can tell you what you need to know, helping homeowners make the most informed decision.

Replacing A Deck Can Be Dangerous

Typically, the natural wood from your outdoor deck is 20-30 years old. The wood begins to rot and decay throughout that time, leaving exposed nails and wood splintering out.

Replacing and disposing of badly rotten floorboards can cause injury for first-timers. Furthermore, a weakened deck could risk residents potentially falling through if pressure is applied on the wrong spot.

What’s often overlooked is deck lighting. If your access method is a small staircase, failing to install lights can make it easy for family members to fall off your deck. You could hang up a floodlight, but this usually isn’t the best option for aesthetic reasons. A professional can offer a variety of more favorable deck lighting choices to match your deck.

Getting The Job Done On Time

There’s little doubt that finishing your own home improvement project is rewarding. But more often than not, installing a deck will take far more time than it would have done by hiring help. Homeowners generally lack the workforce and dedicated time to finish within a reasonable time-frame. Not to mention not even knowing how long the project will take.

Deck contractors can offer project time-estimates because their crew already have a streamlined work process. So your installation can be done as efficiently as possible while being done on-time.

Saving Money On Materials And Tools

The cost of your project can rack up considerably depending on which sources you receive your materials. For DIY’s who are unaware of the most affordable manufacturers, it can be expensive to acquire materials. A deck builder will have their materials sourced locally from suppliers. Furthermore, they’ll know which manufacturers are reputable and affordable, saving you money in the long run.

Acquiring materials, however, is only half the battle, as you’ll need the right tools. If you’re unable to burrow the special tools necessary from a friend, you’ll have to purchase them. Along with materials, this can significantly increase the project cost.


So there you have it! We’re not saying homeowners can’t build beautiful decks. Because they absolutely can, saving money on hiring a deck team. However, you’ll need the necessary carpentry experience along with the right materials, tools, and permits.

Overall, hiring a professional deck builder saves homeowners substantial research time on material choice and building processes. A deck expert can also anticipate and quickly solve unforeseen problems during the project. Issues could be bad weather, missing materials, warranties, or not knowing what to do when installation goes wrong. When hiring a reputable professional, you can rest easy as work is guaranteed.

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  1. My mom wants to install a deck to make her backyard more appealing and host outdoor parties on it, so I think she’s interested in hiring a specialist for the job. I liked that you mentioned how a contractor knows which materials are better for a deck, so I’ll be sure to pass your insight to my mom when I see her for lunch today. Thanks for the tips on building a deck and how to get quality results.


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